Additives In Food

by Mark A Cella

Memory Loss With Age

These days it is generally accepted that when you get older that you will suffer from memory loss because of the fact that so many elderly people do.

The thing is that there was never so much of a problem with losing memory in the past because there was not as many chemicals that people were being exposed to.

The elite have been adding chemicals to the food and water that people ingest for years now and it has been wreaking havoc on society.

There have been more instances of food allergies and illnesses now than ever in history, while at the same time there are more drugs.

It is more than just suspicious that the same companies that have been adding fluoride and other additives to the water are the same people that offer medicine to help with the problems that is causes.

What most people do not realize is that the problems that they see cropping up in modern society are things that take time to build up in the human body.

Mercury in Water and Memory Loss

The tap water that most people drink has been poisoned for quite some time, which is why water filters have become so popular.

As more of the upper economic classes have been installing water filters in their homes, the incidence of additives in the water has increased.

These days there is more aluminum than ever before in the water that the public drinks from the kitchen sink.

While this may not be a problem for the people that can afford to filter their water or buy bottled, it is a huge problem for those that cannot afford it.

Even though reports have come out that have denied the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, there is still an undeniable link.

Aluminum Additives in Food

Just like there is a lot of aluminum in the water that comes out of the tap, there is also aluminum that can be found in the food that the poor community eats. Foods that are marked down like processed cheeses have been found to have unusually high amounts of aluminum.

This causes the human body to ingest more aluminum than it should which can lead to memory loss and even worse illnesses. It is said that the body has a hard time processing the aluminum, which is why the amounts have to be high in order to have an effect.

Aspirin and Memory Loss

Another way in which the elite have been guaranteeing that there is more memory loss than ever before is by making sure that there is aluminum in the drugs that people take. People have been swallowing aspirin for years in order to prevent a heart attack even though it contains aluminum.

There are many other forms of medicine that contain aluminum in order to make sure that you are ingesting as much of the toxic material that you possibly can. The hopes for the elite is that they will be able to diagnose you with an illness that they will be able to sell you more drugs for.

Profiting From Memory Loss

The reason why the elite are so invested in making sure that you suffer from memory loss is because the pharmaceutical game is a billion dollar industry that they have a lot invested in. By causing people to show signs of early onset Alzheimer’s disease, they are able to prescribe medication that will taken for the rest of their life.

Having a patient that will take some very expensive medication for at least thirty years is a gold mine for the pharmaceutical companies. It is no coincidence that they would make sure to steal the money from those that they would like to keep down.

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