Aphrodisiac Juice Recipes

‘Properly speaking, there are no aphrodisiacs capable of endowing those blind to life with sight,’ said Napoleon’s chef, Kurmonsky. ‘But for those with poor eyesight in this matter, there are substances which can act as magnifying lenses.’ Folklore is full of magic foods said to awaken that slumbering Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. But is there any truth in these old wives’ (or husbands’) tales? Surprisingly, many of the traditional aphrodisiac foods are indeed rich in nutrients that are vital to sexual performance and fertility. Oysters, for example, are the great traditional aphrodisiac food for men; Casanova reputedly ate 70 a day! Yet while they are extremely rich in zinc, which is essential for sperm formation, they don’t happen to juice too well. So eat your oysters (or feed them to the man in your life) in the usual way, but instead of washing them down with Champagne or other forms of alcohol, try any one of these delicious Aphrodisiac Juices. The nuts and seeds they contain are useful for zinc and selenium; asparagus for its vitamins A and E; wheat germ, bananas and avocados for vitamins B and E. The heady aroma of volatile oils in rosemary can jump-start the senses in many ways – as can the stimulating effects of hot spices. Amazing substances in chocolate do in fact generate feelings of euphoria – similar to the feelings experienced while being in love. These foods work equally well for women and men.

I don’t guarantee that the juices in this section are the equivalent of Viagra™ in a glass, but their ingredients have a centuries-old aphrodisiac reputation and they certainly don’t harbour any unwanted side-effects. Most of them are quick and easy to make, and all are delicious. Some recipes need a combination of juicing and blending. If you don’t have a blender, you can use one of the handheld ‘wand’ type processors, or (for most recipes) a whisk is almost as good. So if you want to give your romance an added edge, get juicing, and may Cupid watch over you!

Ginger up juice

Ginger is a vital ingredient in ancient Chinese medicine and the traditional Ayurvedic healing of India. As well as its powerful medicinal actions, ginger is immensely stimulating. When we use the expression ‘ginger someone up’, we’re invoking the genuine properties of this wonderful root. Combined with the cooling, energising properties of watermelon, this is one of the simplest yet most effective Aphrodisiac Juices.

Ginger 1 oz fresh root

Watermelon ¼ large, with seeds and skin

Vital statistics:

Contains small amounts of Vitamins A, C and E. Ginger Up Juice is not included in this site purely for its nutritional value, it does contain traces of vitamins, but these are not significant; its enzymes and gentle diuretic substances are its true assets. Ginger contains substances called gingerol and Zingiberene. Which dilate the blood vessels and improve circulation – vital for male sexual performance, but equally important for female enjoyment.

Sweet surrender

Bananas are credited with aphrodisiac powers in the folklore of many countries, but don’t eat them until they’re fully ripe – ie, when the skins are completely yellow and starting to mottle with brown specks. In Asia and the Middle East, honey is regarded as a great aphrodisiac. This delicious and refreshing smoothie combines all the enzyme and energising benefits of watermelon with the staying power of bananas. To make it, juice the watermelon, then combine with ice-cubes, honey, yoghurt and banana in a blender.

Banana 1, peeled

live yoghurt 1 carton, plain

Watermelon ¼, with seeds and skin; cut to fit juicer

honey 1 teaspoon ice-cubes 1 handful

Vital statistics:

Rich in calcium, potassium, Vitamins A, C and E, and Chromium. The potassium in bananas is great for lovers, since it fosters prolonged muscular effort without cramp. Bananas are also one of the very few fruits containing chromium, a mineral essential for energy metabolism and sexual function. The instant energy from the honey and banana will give your love-life a helpful kick-start, too!

Oriental magic

The aphrodisiac properties of ginger are reinforced in this recipe by coriander, one of the most ancient culinary and medicinal plants. Over the past 3,500 years, its use has spread from ancient Egypt and China, through Asia, North Africa and into Europe, where it has been used as an aphrodisiac since the Middle Ages. A candle-lit supper, a smouldering incense stick, a glass of Oriental Magic and a rug in front of the fire… well, need I say more?

Pineapple ½ with skin; cut to fit juicer

ginger ½ oz fresh root

coriander 1 small bunch

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C Rich in potassium. Full of healing and stimulating enzymes. Oriental Magic gets its punch from the volatile oils of ginger and the flavonoids. Cumarins and other plant chemicals found in coriander. The contrasting flavours of pineapple and ginger, together with the powerful phytochemicals present in coriander, give this juice a surprising but nonetheless delicious flavour.

Hot and juicy

In the traditional Ayurvedic medicine of India – home of the fabled Kama Sutra – the pumpkin is believed to both preserve and increase male virility. In Hot and Juicy, its cool, health-giving juice is combined deliciously with the distinctive flavour of apple and the unusual, slightly nutty taste of lamb’s lettuce.

The sting in the tail comes from the red chilli – so be prepared for fireworks!

Apple 1, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

pumpkin 12oz, peeled

red chilli ½ small, deseeded

lamb’s lettuce 1 handful

Vital statistics:

Rich in Vitamins A and C. Contains some B Vitamins, folic acid and potassium.

The plant chemicals in pumpkin have a gentle aphrodisiac effect, but it’s the capsaicin in the chilli pepper that is a remarkable circulatory stimulant. It has a dramatic effect on blood flow and male potency. A glass at bedtime should almost guarantee a hot and juicy night.

Femme fatale

Unless you have North African or Arabic friends, or have travelled to these parts of the world, you may never have heard of, let alone tasted, purslane. But it has been used as a medicinal plant since Roman times, and eaten as a vegetable long before that. It’s one of the few plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids – and these are the ingredients that make it a mood-enhancing food for women. You should be able to find it in ethnic shops which stock African or Moroccan foods.

Sweet apples 4, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

radishes 4 medium

purslane 8 oz

alfalfa sprouts 1 handful

Vital statistics:

Rich in Vitamins A and C Contains some Cdlcium and B Vitamins. Femme Fatale gets a hefty shot of phytoestrogens from the radishes, sensuous volatile oils from apples and calming B vitamins from alfalfa sprouts. Add the essential fatty acids and bladder-calming substances derived from the purslane, and this is just the juice to trigger a fatal attraction.

Eastern promise

This most potent of Aphrodisiac Juices has a history shrouded in the mists of time. The sacred fig tree of India has been worshipped for 5,000 years, and the Spartan athletes of ancient Greece were fed a diet rich in figs to improve their performance – and not just in the arena. Add the noblest of fruits (the grape), which is cooling and aphrodisiac in itself, plus the oriental aroma of pawpaw, and you truly have an Aphrodisiac Juice that is filled with Eastern Promise.

Fresh figs 2, large

pawpaw 1, deseeded, flesh scooped out of skin

black grapes 8 oz

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A and C. All three ingredients in Eastern Promise are bursting with volatile oils and hormone-stimulating properties. The high quantity of fruit sugars in this juice provide instant energy, while the digestion-improving enzymes from the pawpaw make it the ideal accompaniment to a meal when your planned dessert is, shall we say, more interesting than ice-cream.

Cherry ripe

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly innocent ingredients in Cherry Ripe: its effects can be powerful and rapid. The sensuous aroma of strawberries, combined with the sweet, heady taste of cherry juice, makes this simple recipe extra special. As a bonus, the natural aspirin-like substances found in strawberries make Cherry Ripe a particularly good juice for anyone with unwanted aches and pains who’s planning a night of passion.

Strawberries 16oz, topped

cherries 8 oz, stoned

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C. Rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin A. contains calcium, potassium, folic acid, B vitamins and some magnesium, in addition to stimulating the senses, this Aphrodisiac Juice helps neutralise uric acid -that is why it’s so helpful for those with rheumatism, arthritis or even gout. The volatile oils produce a heady perfume that is at once sensuous and arousing – which makes removing all those cherry stones well worth the effort!

French kicker

Garlic as an aphrodisiac? Mai, oui! After all, 50 million Frenchmen can’t be wrong! Combined with a selection of colourful salad leaves (make sure you add plenty of the darker-coloured and red ones), this juice is both a sexual stimulant and has a calming effect on the mind. Hence, it takes away all those anxieties that so commonly lead to poor performance.

Carrots 2, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

garlic 1 clove, peeled

lime 1,with peel

salad leaves 12 oz, mixed

Vital statistics:

Rich in vitamins A, C and E. Contains Chlorophyll, Magnesium, potassium and Silicon. As a bonus, the French Kicker is a really good hair tonic – but you’re not thinking about that now! Just enjoy the calming natural opiates in the lettuce, the stimulating sulphur compounds in the garlic and the bioflavonoids in the lime that strengthen the circulatory system. It’s enough to make anyone say ooh la la!

Passionate pumpkin

It’s the tiny pinch of saffron that adds the vibrant colour tones to this already bright-yellow juice. Certainly the most expensive spice in the world – it takes more than 20,000 hand-picked stigmas and styles from the saffron crocus to make four ounces – saffron is also highly prized for its aphrodisiac properties. Used in ancient India, Greece and Rome, it was also reputed by medieval herbalists to quicken the spirit and heart. To make this delectable concoction, juice the pumpkin, mango and apricots then liquidize with the other ingredients.

Apricots 2, stoned

mango 1,peeled and stoned

pumpkin 1 slice, peeled then blend with:

Wheat germ 1 dessert spoon

sesame seeds 1 teaspoon

Saffron 1 tiny pinch

ice-cubes 1 handful

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A. C and carotenoids. Rich in vitamin E, B Vitamins and Zinc. Passionate Pumpkin makes a potent remedy for both sexes which also encourages the production of healthy sperm; what’s more, it makes a perfect drink at any time of the day. The volatile constituents from saffron also help soothe menstrual cramps and pain.

Mountain rescue

Swiss chard may seem an unlikely contender to include in an Aphrodisiac Juice, but it’s rich in nutrients and you can juice the leaf as well as the fleshy stalk. In case you feel like serenading your partner, leeks are good for the voice – the Roman emperor Nero ate some every day to improve his – but they’re also a soothing nerve tonic.

Swiss Chard 4 leaves

leek 3 inches

3, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

asparagus 2 spears

Celery 2 sticks, with leaves

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A. C and folic acid. Rich in carotenoids and potassium. Contains iron and some Vitamin E. Mountain Rescue is a valuable aphrodisiac tonic for late-summer/early autumn – an ideal way to get ready for those long, snowy winters! The folic acid and vitamin E it contains provide vital stimulants, while the sulphur compounds in leeks help reduce cholesterol and improve blood flow.

Bunnies’ bonanza

If you really want to find out whether it’s true what they say about rabbits, just try a glass of Bunnies’ Bonanza. The traditional aphrodisiac benefits of coriander and celery, the sexual stimulus of parsley and the plant oestrogens in cabbage make this the perfect potion for couples.

Carrots 3, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

Cabbage 2 dark-green leaves

Celery 1 stick, with leaves

coriander 1 handful

parsley 1 handful, with stems

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A and C. Rich in Sulphur. Contains some Calcium and iron, it’s the phytochemicals that work in this mixture. The potent volatile oils in coriander and celery, and the strengthening indoles in cabbage are the key – which is probably why cabbage is known as the medicine of the poor throughout Europe. The antiviral benefit of carrots and the anti-bacterial properties of coriander also make sure there’ll be no bugs in your bunny.


There are pictures of cultivated asparagus in 6,000-year-old Egyptian tombs, and it has been used medicinally ever since. Whether its reputation as an aphrodisiac comes merely from its shape or from its chemical constituents is unclear, but it has been accorded this attribute by civilizations throughout the world. Combined here with the fortifying strength of broccoli and watercress, this is the most health-giving of drinks.

Asparagus 6 spears

Carrots 2, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

broccolli 1 head, florets only watercress 1 handful

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A, C, folic acid and potassium.

Contains iron, Calcium and phosphorous. Surprisingly, asparagus contains substantial amounts of protein for a vegetable – as much, in fact, as the same weight of rice, corn on the cob, or a bean and vegetable casserole. The slow-release energy from this protein and the combined constituents of the other vegetables make Asparadisia your gateway to paradise.

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