Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice and How Wheatgrass Juicers Work

Wheatgrass is a healthy leafy vegetable consumed by health freaks. This leafy vegetable is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Today with the increasing popularity of wheatgrass many health freaks purchase wheatgrass kits that enable them to grow this wonder product in small trays in their home. Yet though this provides them with ready access to this vegetable, they are only able to consume it as a drink as the bitter sweet taste of the leaves prove unpalatable.

wheatgrass juice

If you are a regular consumer of wheatgrass investing in a wheatgrass juicer is a must for you.

Wheatgrass extraction will not work on the standard juicers available in the market. The rich fibers of the plant can wreck normal juicers. Wheatgrass juicers are specially designed to crush and extract the health potion stored in the plant’s leaves with relative ease. Wheatgrass juicers instead are specially designed to cater to this type of leafy vegetables and ensure complete extraction of the juice from them.

There are two kinds of juicers available for this wonder product – the manual wheatgrass juicer and electric wheatgrass juicer, both having its own inherent advantages. Manual wheatgrass juicers are lightweight and easily transportable so they are ideal when you go on weekend trips as well. Manual juicers work by filling the fill cup with the required quantity and turning the handle which pulls in the leafy strands and masticates them. Though the process may seem strenuous it is an easy enough operation but does call for proper support for the tabletop wheatgrass juicers. You can get up to one ounce of juice with one minute’s operation of the machine. Manual juicers can also be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly after its use.

Electric wheatgrass juicers generate around two ounces of liquid per minute. They are also bulkier than manual operated ones making it difficult to transport them easily. Some electric juicers can multi-task and handle anything from leafy vegetables to fruits and nuts whereas manual wheatgrass juicers are restricted to wheatgrass pulp alone. While investing in electric juicers do not get the centrifugal kind as it actually grates the leaf and its fast heavy rotations destroys the enzymes of the leaf. A single gear electric juicer is more cost effective than a twin gear juicer but will only be suitable for wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables. Ultimately your choice should be based on your overall use and requirement and the various other juicing requirements that you may have.

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15. September 2010 by Joe Peters
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