Best Healthy Recipes for Juicing – Delicious Juicing Recipes for Good Health!

You will find many free juicing recipes throughout this site, all I might add are extremely healthy recipes for juicing, but after you’ve tried a few of mine, please don’t let me stop you – it is always fun to experiment and create your own drinks using whatever you happen to have at home.

free juicing recipes using fresh green apples

Fruit juice recipes are everyone’s favourite, so I’ve included a lot using a wide variety of different types of fruit, starting on this page with a small selection of some of my favourites.

Of course, I have a favourite apple juice recipe amongst all of my healthy recipes for juicing and I make this at least three times a week :

juicy red grapes

‘Grapple’ Juice

  • 3 apples
  • Handful of red grapes
  • 1 nectarine (or peach) (ripe)

Refreshing, and especially cleansing for early morning. A sharp tasting apple is best to contrast with the sweetness of the grapes.

Healthy juices are amongst some of the best, healthy affirming foods/drinks that you can possibly consume, so making some from scratch yourself is always best as you know precisely what has gone into that drink. I find it quietly reassuring to know that there are absolutely 100% no additives in my healthy juicing recipes so there will be absolutely no additives in yours either!

Healthy Recipes for Juicing with Healthy Additives

There are some healthy additives however that you can use to enhance the health properties even further, of any of your homemade juices, by simply adding some health-enhancing foods and certain vitamin and mineral supplements.

Herbal Drops – if you use a herbal medicine such as echinacea, try mixing it with your juice and it will make it far more palatable.  (I would recommend however that you check with the herbalist first as to whether the herbal medicine should really only be mixed with water).

Barleygrass / Spirulina / Wheatgrass Powder – These are three natural wonderfoods which come in the form of a green powder and are intensely concentrated forms of nutrients which are especially rich in cleansing chlorophyll.  They should be shaken with a little of your juice in a jar before blending with the remainder – these additions make extremely healthy juices.

Vitamin and mineral drops / powder – Some vitamins and minerals come in the form of liquid drops or powders and can be added to your fresh juice.

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