Cleansing Drinks Recipes

Cleansing Drinks

Our bodies have the natural ability to cleanse themselves of impurities and waste products, and this process occurs through the kidneys, liver, skin, and respiration. Unfortunately, in today’s world we’re exposed to atmospheric pollution, unwanted chemicals in our food, and a host of toxic substances in our home environment. To make matters worse, our consumption of healing, cleansing wholefoods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and wholegrain cereals, has declined alarmingly.

The cleansing drinks in this section will help stimulate the body’s own vital processes and, at the same time, replenish many of the missing nutrients that are the result of twenty-first-century living.


cleansing drinks recipes - cucumber juice

‘Two Flower Treat’

Cucumber and Mint Slush

Fresh Dill Tea

Lemon Barley Water

Fresh Tomato Juice

Fantastic Fennel

‘Avo Go’ Avocado

Gingerols Ginger Beer Cleanser

Lime Concentrate

Soya with Saffron

Popeye’s Spinach Secret Smoothie

Prune and Apricot Smoothie

Asparagus Cleansing Drink


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