Cleansing Drinks Recipe ‘Two Flower Treat’

‘Two Flower Treat’

People imagine imagine nasty things when it comes to cleansing regimes. Nothing could be further from the truth with this wonderful mixture of elderflowers and nasturtiums. Elderflowers contain cleansing natural chemicals such as tannins and rutin. They’re also surprisingly rich in the essential fatty acids that are nature’s own anti-inflammatories.

The peppery flavour of the nasturtium flowers is the result of the mustard oil, another cleansing and antiseptic natural chemical; its sharpness offsets the sweetness of the elderflower and the rosehip syrup. Combined with the spiciness of ginger, one of the best of all digestive cleansers, and the delicate flavour of the lavender flowers, this makes a fabulous cooling, cleansing drink on a hot summer’s day.





Serves 4-5

6 nasturtium flowers

Crushed ice

2.5cm or 1-inch peeled, grated ginger root

15ml or 1/2fl oz pure rosehip syrup

750ml or 26fl oz organic sparkling elderflower pressé

5g or 1/8oz lavender flowers, rubbed off the stalk


1. Put the nasturtium flowers into an ice-cube tray, fill with water, and freeze. If you grow your own, it’s worth making up a supply, as they’ll keep for at least three months.

2. Fill a large glass tumbler a third full with crushed ice, add the ginger and rosehip and stir well.

3. Pour in the elderflower pressé and float the nasturtium ice-cubes on the top. Sprinkle with the lavender flowers.

Alternative method

If you’ve got a cocktail shaker, put all the ingredients except the nasturtium cubes in, shake vigorously and pour foaming into the glass, then add the nasturtium cubes and sprinkle with lavender flowers.


Vital statistics

This drink is rich in vitamin C; one glass provides four times the amount you need for a day. Most of the vitamin C comes from the rosehip, but elderfiowers are a rich source too. Nasturtiums are rich in the cleansing essential oils myrosin and spilanthol which, as well as their cleansing properties, have the benefit of boosting immunity. Most people think of lavender for its essential oils and perfume value, but in fact it’s delicious added to all sorts of drinks and other foods, and its delicate flavour belies its potent therapeutic benefits as a cleansing and protective herb.


19. April 2011 by Sue
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