Cooling Drinks for Hot Summer Days

Cooling Drinks

You may think that air-conditioning is the ultimate luxury, keeping people cool on hot, uncomfortable days. Unfortunately keeping cool in this way has its price – the typical office building now has an atmosphere that is drier than the Sahara Desert! This wreaks havoc with skin and hair, and can have serious consequences for anyone with breathing problems.

The consequent dehydration, aggravated by lack of fluid intake, also increases the risk of kidney stones, urinary infections, and chronic constipation.

So turn off the air-conditioning, open the windows, get an old-fashioned fan, and use these delightful cooling drinks to keep you well-hydrated and supremely comfortable:


cooling drinks

Pink Grapefruit Punch

‘Blackberry Bellini’

‘Cool Beet and Coriander’

Mint Tea – ‘Mint Cooler’

Cucumber and Strawberry Frappe

‘Mango Lassi’

Strawberry Sundae

Rosewater with Melon Cooler

Healthy Treat – Sundae Tea

Mangoes, Melon, Mint Mmmm…

‘Tinto de Verano’

Watermelon Smoothie

19. April 2011 by Sue
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