Cucumber and Mint Slush

Cucumber and Mint Slush

This refreshing, cooling slush is almost tzatziki without the yoghurt.

Cucumber isn’t rich in nutrients as it’s made up mostly of water, but it has long been used as a cleanser – both externally for the skin and internally.

It’s really the mint that provides the major cleansing benefit, as it is one of the most effective of all digestive aids; because of its detoxing properties, it also helps relieve headaches and migraine.

You’ll hardly ever see salt added to any of our recipes, but in this instance it does enhance the flavour and helps boost the metabolism.



Cucumber and Mint Drinks Recipe Serves 1-2

1 large cucumber

4 large stalks mint

Scant tsp natural sea salt

Crushed ice

2 extra mint stalks, for garnish


1. Peel and de-seed the cucumber.

2. Put into a blender or food processor with the mint and salt, and whizz until smooth, adding a little water if the consistency is too thick.

3. Chill thoroughly.

4. Serve poured over the crushed ice, with the extra mint stalks for garnish.


Vital statistics

Cucumber provides a little folic acid, potassium, and silica but it’s here mainly for its gentle diuretic effect, not its nutrients. It’s the mint that provides menthol and menthone, natural phytochemicals that are both antiseptic and cleansing and also act as a potent digestive. Using natural sea salt means you get small quantities of iodine, which helps improve thyroid function. This, in turn, stimulates the whole metabolic process and increases eliminative functions.


19. April 2011 by Sue
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