Discover Juicing and How It Benefits Your Health

Juicing is a collection of juices, smoothies, shakes, and teas designed to provide maximum nutrition with a minimum of fuss. It is sometimes difficult to incorporate the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables into our diet, but juicing and blending offer convenient and delicious ways of doing so.

making juices and smoothies

These are also great ways to get children to consume more fruit, though juices should be diluted with purified water for young children, and the eating of whole fruits and vegetables encouraged as much as possible. If you have any kind of blood sugar disorder, it is also recommended that you dilute juices, as they do contain a concentrated supply of fruit sugars.

When making juices, the final product will only be as good as the ingredients used, but the juicing health benefits are endless, so always choose fruits and vegetables that are ripe, but not overly so, and that look bright and fresh. Use produce in season, as it will be cheaper fresher, and in optimum condition. If you can, buy organic produce, as many fruits and vegetables are juiced with their skin still on, and the skin may harbor residual chemicals. Also, if you are taking the time to create fresh juices at home, it makes sense to use the healthiest ingredients possible.

Unpeeled fruits and vegetables must always be cleaned thoroughly before use. Use a small, firm-bristled brush kept specifically for this purpose. If the produce is not organic, use a mild biodegradable detergent to remove all traces of chemicals, and rinse thoroughly. The recipes indicate how each fruit or vegetable is to be prepared for juicing, usually they just need to be chopped into pieces that will fit into the feed tube. You may want to chill produce before juicing for some recipes, but this is a matter of taste.

Juicers vary considerably in power and efficiency. If you have an older or slightly less-efficient juicer, you may find you need to add small, pieces like berries and grapes to the feed tube while the motor is turned off then turn it on and plunge them all together. Fresh herbs and other leaves should be placed between fleshier pieces of fruit or vegetable where possible, to help extract as much juice as possible. We have given approximate yields for each drink, though this will vary depending on your equipment and produce.

The combinations of ingredients given for the drinks may be varied to suit your taste and their availability. Some of the recipes list optional ingredients. These are mostly supplements with specific applications that may be useful to athletes or to treat ailments. Feel free to use them or not, or to seek further information about them from a naturopath or your natural food store.

The drinks in this site provide concentrated nutrition, and some can be used to assist in the treatment of specific conditions, but you should always consult a health—care professional for advice. Most of the drinks are delicious, as you would expect from the combinations of fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables, while some are slightly more medicinal. Some of the recipe sections are devoted to a specific use, though fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients that may help one condition, are usually good for others as well.

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