Drink Recipe to Cure a Hangover

‘Pep Yourself Up’

All of the red, yellow, and orange vegetables contain the chemicals your body needs for the replacement of damaged cells. In any illness or at times of excessive stress, overwork, and difficult life situations, your body suffers. This really savoury and delicious juice could make all the difference.







Serves 1-2

1 small red pepper

3 carrots

1 small, fresh uncooked beetroot, preferably with leaves

1 handful flat-leaf parsley, with stems

1 handful watercress leaves


1. Wash and de-seed the pepper.

2. Wash the carrots; they don’t need peeling, topping or tailing unless they’re non-organic.

3. Put all of the vegetables and herbs through a juicer, reserving a few watercress leaves.

4. Mix thoroughly and serve with a few watercress leaves on top.


Vital statistics

Parsley is a natural diuretic that helps the body eliminate waste products. The red colouring in beetroot is produced by a natural ingredient that improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, while the peppers and carrots are a huge source of restorative carotenoids and vitamin C. Watercress is one of nature’s most powerful cancer-fighters, with a very specific effect on lung tissue.

23. April 2011 by Sue
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