Drinking Juice – Home Remedy For Flu

Flu is a viral infection that affects the lining of the nose, sinuses and extends to the throat as well as the airways. This is one of the upper respiratory tract infections that are very common to most people. When left untreated for long time the flu virus would infect the lungs that might lead to fever, sore throat, cough and lethargy. The symptoms of flu are more severe in such a way that affects deeper the respiratory tract.

Once you notice symptoms of flu, you should improve your lifestyle and follow a specific diet. Make sure to develop strong immune system in order to avoid worsening the situation. Plenty of fresh fruits as well as vegetables rich in Vitamin C should be included in the diet to avoid frequent attack of flu. Do not wait for the infection to get worse instead make ways to get rid of it.

drinking juice - home flu remedy

However, there are other fruits that you can use as an alternative for oranges like the lemon. Drinking lemon juice would soothe the discomfort in your throat because of its anti-viral properties and ability to hamper the symptoms of flu. Vegetable juice can also help in treating flu symptoms. You can extract cabbage, carrot and celery and drink its juice.

The lemon has anti-viral properties that combat infections and eventually stops the symptoms of flu. You can also include ginger on the lemon juice that provides warming action. Honey should be added on the juice that helps faster healing of infection because of the anti-bacterial property.

If you are not certain about drinking juice, you can consult health provider for the suggested diet that you can follow. Keep in mind that drinking juice is not enough to relieve and treat the health condition. There are other factors and considerations that you should take into account for effective result of treatment.

On the other hand, it is not enough to drink fruit and vegetable juice to relieve the symptoms of flu but you need to improve your lifestyle. Personal hygiene is also important so that you can avoid getting infection. In like manner, you should also avoid roaming around in public places once you feel symptoms of flu. Otherwise, it might get worse once you inhale other virus. Furthermore, if the symptoms persist despite of treatment, do not wait for long time to consult your physician.

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