Energy Drinks – Pre-Exam Juice Plan

Pre-Exam Juice Plan

These drinks contain ingredients with properties that may be useful for anyone who is studying and about to take an exam. it is planned as a “day before” program, but it could be followed at anytime preceding an exam.


Beet and Carrot Juice with Rosemary

Take this juice early in the day to prepare you for effective studying. Rosemary and ginkgo are both said to stimulate the memory and the carrot and beet are nutrient rich.


Nectarine, Pineapple and Ginseng Drink

This is a tasty pick-me-up for when your energy begins to flag. Ginseng increases vitality helps you to withstand the effects of stress, and will stimulate a tired mind and body.

Before bed

Warm Apple and Chamomile Drink

Chamomile helps to reduce anxiety, aid digestion, and is gently sedative, contributing to a good night’s sleep.


Apricot and Bilberry Juice may help if your eyes are strained from reading, or if you have been constantly looking at a computer screen.

Beet and Carrot Juice with Rosemary Tips For Studying

  • Good nutrition is needed for an efficient memory to aid concentration, and generally to keep your mind functioning at its best, in the same way that you need to keep your body nourished to perform physical activity. So always, but especially during a potentially stressful period such as exam time, eat a wide variety of healthy foods.
  • Avoid stimulants, such as coffee or soft drinks that contain caffeine, as much as you can. Caffeine may help you to burn the midnight oil, but it will interfere with sleep and ultimately you will end up feeling overtired and unable to unwind.
  • Try to organize yourself so that you don’t end up having to cram on the day — or worse still — the night before your exam. Research has found that cramming can be counter—productive, with short regular study periods being preferable to one long session the night before.
  • Take short breaks while studying. Walk around the room, do some stretches, and take deep breaths. Take care not to use these breaks as opportunities to procrastinate.
  • Minimize distractions. Find a place to study where you will not be bombarded with TV noise, music, or conversation.  On the evening before your exam, have a light meal, perhaps a piece of fish with a salad. Do something to take your mind off the next day (and no cramming, remember), such as renting a funny video or reading an escapist novel. Go to bed early and rise in time to prepare for the day without having to rush.


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