Energy Drinks – Sporting-Event Juice Plan

Sporting-Event Juice Plan

These suggestions are for drinks and juices to take the day before a sporting event, to fuel you for maximum performance. This plan is not designed for professional athletes, who have specific dietary procedures to follow according to their sport and training program. Rather, this is intended for, say a weekend football player who has an important game coming up, or someone taking part in a fun run or an amateur swim meet. These drinks should be incorporated into a varied and nutritious diet.

If you are interested, or planning to become more serious with your sport, contact a sports nutritionist for diet tips and strategies that can enhance your performance.



plums for fig, plum and soy shake - energy drinks Fig, Plum and Soy Shake

This drink is thick and filling, so you might like to have it for breakfast or as part of the meal along with some whole-grain cereal and fresh fruit. It provides concentrated energy as well as vitamins and minerals to nourish the body.

Late morning

Pear, Peach and Apricot Juice

This juice contains fruits with a low glycemic index, so have it around lunch time to help provide sustained energy to get you through an afternoon of training or working out.

Late afternoon

Cantaloupe and Pineapple Recovery juice

Drink this juice when you have finished your exercise for the day. It will help to rehydrate your body and soothe muscle strains that may have occurred.

Eat carbohydrate-rich meals the day before the event. For breakfast, have whole-grain cereal toast and fresh fruit. Lunch will depend on your training schedule, but try to have a filling sandwich or a bowl of soup with some bread, or even a low-fat pasta dish.

At dinner time, have rice, pasta, or potatoes in their jackets as the focus of your meal, with some meat, chicken, or fish for protein and plenty of lightly cooked vegetables, or a salad. Have a hearty meal if you feel like it, particularly if you have been training, but eat a little lighter if you will be going to bed soon after eating.

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