Energy Juice Recipe: ‘Horse power’

It may sound simple, but this classic apple-and-carrot mixture spiked with fresh horseradish is fuel for any bucking bronco. As well as the instant energy derived from the natural sugars in the carrots and apples, the horseradish adds a whole new dimension. You’ll get very little juice and lots of pulp from three ounces of horseradish, but what you do get is instant stimulation of the circulation.

With the blood coursing through the veins, you’ll be ready for anything.

Carrots 4, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

apples 2, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

horseradish 3 oz fresh


Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A. C. E, potassium and vitamin B6.

Contains some Calcium and traces of other B Vitamins. Even this most simple of Superjuices is bursting with good stuff. With just under 300 calories a glass, it’s a good quick-energy source. In addition, horseradish contains the natural substance Sinigrin, a powerful antibiotic that also protects against infections.

07. August 2013 by Sue
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