Espresso Hangover Cure

Espresso Sublime

Ice-cream is easy to eat and, as long as it’s proper dairy ice-cream without all the chemicals and added synthetic fats, it’s also excellent food for invalids.

The coffee flavour and small amount of Drambuie in this drink turns a child’s treat into a sophisticated, adult-friendly, medicinal food. Use organic dark-chocolate powder and a little pure vanilla essence for the children.



espresso hangover cure Serves 1-2

300ml or 10fl oz cold, strong, dark coffee, preferably espresso

75ml or around 3fl oz full-fat milk

3 tbsp Drambuie

2 scoops good-quality vanilla ice-cream, preferably organic


1. Mix together the coffee, milk, and Drambuie.

2. Pour into glasses and top with the scoops of ice-cream.


Vital statistics

Yes, this one does contain caffeine, but as long as you’re not one of the small number of people who are extremely sensitive to this chemical, it can provide a good energy boost if you’re feeling low after an illness. Organic dairy ice-cream is an excellent source of calories, calcium, vitamins A and D, and small amounts of B vitamins – all of which help restore you to good health as quickly as possible, in an extremely enjoyable way.


22. April 2011 by Sue
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