Five Top Juices For Patients With Cancer

Cancer is an illness that has been found to be due to a lack of nutrients in our body. It is of prime importance to keep our body healthy otherwise, we are giving way to harmful bacteria and other elements that damages our immune system. Therefore, it affects our wellbeing. Cancer patients need a lot of fruits and vegetables to cleanse their body, flush out toxins and fight the cancer-causing agents thriving inside their body. There are studies suggesting benefits of drinking juices to fight cancer. Or, at least slow the growth of cancer cells, if cannot be cured totally. Let us have a closer look on the following juices that is beneficial to cancer patients.

juices for cancer

Carrot juice should be a part of a cancer patient’s diet, as it is considered high in anti-oxidants. It has minerals like calcium, potassium and vitamins B and C. It also contains beta-carotene which is antioxidant abundant. It is also believed that carrot juice may play a part in treating stomach, lungs and breasts cancer. Vitamins and minerals from carrot juice help us in many ways. Carrot juice has many health benefits like vitamin B that encourages metabolism; potassium that helps in heartbeat regulation; and vitamin C that reinforces our blood vessel. Try to incorporate a glass of carrot juice in your diet.

Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, even higher than green tea and red wine. It slows down the development of prostate cancer. It also helps in preventing colon cancer and it has effects that are considered anti-tumorous. Do not forget to include pomegranate in your diet. They contain health benefits that you cannot obtain from other fruit juices.

Orange juice is usually a part of a healthy diet for most of us. It has limonoids (not present in other vegetables and fruits) that are said to be effective in eliminating certain cancer cells. It is also rich in anti-carcinogens. Do not forget your daily dose of orange juice.

Grape juice has resveratrol that prevents cancerization of normal cells. It is not just a thirst quencher but it relieves restlessness and promotes urination and digestion. Grape juice is also good for your heart. Not only you can enjoy its sweet taste, you can also get the health benefits.

Strawberry juice has an anti-cancer effect that protects us from destructive carcinogens. It lessens the reaction of laryngeal and lung cancer patients to radiation. It moisturizes our lungs and it helps in getting rid of phlegm.

Rich in antioxidants are the foods most needed by cancer patients. Antioxidants are known for their power to combat cancer. By eating foods that are antioxidant rich, we are protecting our cells to be affected by molecules that maybe cancerous. Moreover, in the process, we are ensuring our self being at low risk for cancer ailments.

Fruits and vegetables in natural form are always best for our wellbeing. We should steer clear from processed foods that are likely to bring harm, than help. Cancer patients are especially in need of natural fruits and vegetable to smoothen the process of recovery from illness. They should be given foods that are high in antioxidant to regain their immunity.

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16. September 2010 by Emma Deangela
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