Four Power Juices To Increase Energy Before Exercise

Healthy living is becoming a major concern nowadays. Staying fit and healthy is of concern especially for the young professionals, and frequenting gyms and other places with exercise facilities is becoming increasingly popular.

power juices for healthy exercise

There are many fitness instructors and health professionals who advocate the benefits of both diet and exercise, and we are all being encouraged to actively participate in different programs to promote a healthy well being.

However, many people are reluctant to join because of the muscle and joint pains they may suffer instead of the benefits they will reap. But it is not a lost cause, as there are things that we can all do to slowly train our bodies to get used to exercising. We just need to start with something easy so do not rush things as it may cause you harm.

If you think of exercise as a tiring prospect, just take it a little slower. Begin with simple exercises first, moving up to harder ones as you progress. It won’t be easy at the beginning, especially if you start to feel discomfort on the first day or so. But, do not abandon it altogether – before starting any strenuous exercise, prepare your mind as well. Motivation is a key player in achieving your goal. Do not forget to rehydrate when you head out to the gym either, but first, let me give you some tips on what juices you can take, to boost your energy before doing any exercises or classes.

Cherry juice contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. It can ease muscle and joint pains. It encourages movement, especially the parts of the body that is affected by arthritis. It is said to promote muscle strength.

Grape juice acts as a great energy booster. The iron content is said to work against fatigue. Not only do you get a booster shot, but it tastes so good as well. It also fights premature aging and is good for the heart. What else can you ask for? You will get to reap all the good benefits.

Pomegranate juice has pantothenic acid, potassium and vitamins B and C. Dieticians encourages people to incorporate it into their diet. It aids in blood thinning and promotes blood circulation in our heart.

Black Currant juice is high in antioxidants. It prevents muscles pain and strains caused by exercising. It helps in treating heart related diseases and high blood pressure. It contains flavonoids that help our bodies cope with the strain of exercising. Not only do you get to quench your thirst, but it helps your muscles to adjust as well.

Be prepared before heading out to the gym. Take your power juice prior to exercising. Do not forget to bring some more for rehydration during the exercise session. Try to encourage your friends to join. It is going to be more enjoyable and it is a very healthy way of bonding.

Being fit and strong is our main concern when we do exercise and we want to maintain our healthy body. We should match our effort with supplements, to get the maximum benefits – juices not only rehydrate us but also provide nutrients much needed by our body.

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22. September 2010 by Emma Deangela
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