Fruitful Drinks Recipes for Summer

Fruitful Drinks

Throughout the world there are whole populations that have less heart disease, fewer strokes, a much lower incidence of many forms of cancer, and longer life expectancy than the population of the United Kingdom. Why?

The answer is unbelievably simple.

All these healthy populations eat far more protective and highly nutritious fresh fruits than we do. That is why the drinks in this section have been designed to provide the maximum level of protection against the damaging free-radical chemicals that can attack every cell of the body. The natural plant chemicals that colour all berries, cherries, and darkly pigmented fresh produce are among the most powerful protective substances in nature, so drink one of these each day for the best health insurance money can buy.


fruit drinks for summer

Blueberry and Raspberry Crush

Blueberry Hill

Passion-fruit Cup

What a Peach!

Cherry Ripe

Cherry Berry Good

Mango and Lemon Crush

Summer-Fruit Punch

A Passion for Fruit

19. April 2011 by Sue
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