Fruitful Drinks What a Peach

What a Peach!

This really is a peach of a drink and will help keep your skin as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom, as it’s rich in youth-preserving antioxidants. It also helps boost your immune system, and as a bonus will make sure you don’t get constipated. The hormone-like substances in soya yoghurt will help even out the ups and downs of hormones. Even if you’re not that keen on soya products, you could add much more of the yoghurt to this drink, as the flavour will be disguised by the fruits.



peach-fruitful-drink Serves 1-2

4 ready-to-eat dried apricots

1 large, ripe peach

2 large oranges

30ml or 1fl oz soya yoghurt


1. Soak the apricots (even if they’re ‘ready to eat’) for thirty minutes in just enough freshly boiled water to cover them.

2. Halve the peach, remove the stone, and put the flesh into a blender.

3. Squeeze the juice from the oranges and add to the peach flesh.

4. Drain the apricots, add to the blender, and whizz until smooth.

5. Add the yoghurt and whizz again briefly.


Vital statistics

Dried apricots are an exceptional source of betacarotene, some of which the body uses as a natural protective antioxidant, some of which is converted into vitamin A. They are also extremely rich in fibre and an excellent source of iron. The peach also contributes betacarotene, while the oranges supply twice the daily requirement of vitamin C. Isoflavones (hormone-like substances) are found in all soya products and are helpful for PMS, hot flushes during the menopause, and for protection against osteoporosis.


19. April 2011 by Sue
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