Healthy and Refreshing Passion Fruit Summer Drink

Passion Fruit Cup

This is a healthy, refreshing, and delicious summer drink, to be enjoyed at any time.You may be tempted to ignore this recipe, thinking that all the scooping and sieving is more trouble than it’s worth, but I promise you it isn’t. It has such a wonderful taste that, once you’ve tried it, you’ll be buying passion fruit whenever you can get them.

As well as their many other health-giving properties, passion fruit are an extremely mild and gentle laxative.



refreshing, delicious summer drink - Passion Fruit Cup Serves 1-2

6 passion fruits

5ml or 1 tsp brown caster sugar

300ml or 10fl oz sparkling grape juice


1. Scoop the pulp out of the passion fruits and push through a sieve to remove the pips.

2. Stir in the caster sugar and mix until dissolved.

3. Add the grape juice.

4. Leave in the fridge to chill before serving.


Vital statistics

As well as betacarotene and vitamin C, passion fruit contains many natural phytochemicals that are antiseptic as well as having an anti-anxiety effect. Grape juice possesses antioxidant properties of its own, so this combination is extremely protective and helps prevent premature ageing, heart and circulatory disease, and some forms of cancer.


19. April 2011 by Sue
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