Healthy Benefits of Guava Juice


benefits of guava juice

You will be amazed by the healthful nutrients that a guava can give you. A guava fruit contains many food nutrients that work wonders for the vital organs in our body. This common fruit which is sometimes neglected is loaded with nourishing substances that helps us in staying healthy and strong. It can be eaten raw or by simply extracting the juice and drinking it.

These important nutrients that are found in guava provide amazing health benefits. Its vitamin C content, which is also known as ascorbic acid helps you fight against any infections and improves your immune system. It helps in reducing oxidation that enhances your good cholesterol level with the aid of Vitamin E thus eliminating the bad cholesterol and burns the fats in your body system. Based from reliable researches, regular intake of guava juice helps you combat cancer cells enabling you to reduce the risk of getting cancer on your digestive organs.

Guava is also rich in fiber that helps in normalizing the function of your digestive system. It has lycopene, an antioxidant that helps in preventing cancer illnesses. Other nutrients that are included in this magic fruit are calcium which is good for your bones and teeth, as well as potassium which is good for your heart. The nutrients that you get from this fruit provide preventive measures for acquiring the dreadful diseases like heart illnesses, constipation, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. Guava also contains carbohydrates that give the body more energy. Additional nutrients are phosphorous and iron for more oxygen to the blood, copper, and folates which are good for pregnant women. Eating this edible fruit or drinking its juice can also help you in losing weight.

There are no restrictions on the amounts of this fruit that you can eat. The more you eat of the ripened guava or its freshly extracted juice, the more health benefits that you can gain. It is said that the reddish fleshed guava contains more nutrients than the white fleshed guava. So it would be more advisable for you if you choose to buy and extract juices from the pinkish or reddish fleshed guava. There is a saying that “Eating a guava helps your heart disease at bay”. You can get a great many more nutrients if you eat it fresh compared to the guava processed juice.

It is quite important that you have an intake of guava juice everyday for you to stay strong and healthy, especially if you have diabetes, you can also drink its boiled guava leaves with cumin.


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26. September 2010 by Emma Deangela
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