Healthy Energy Juice Recipe

Ready, steady, go

If you’ve used ‘On Your Mark’ and it’s given you enough of a boost to start thinking about exercise, then this is the juice to really get you up and going. It combines masses of energy from the pears, kiwi fruit and wheat germ with the super-protection against free radicals derived from the watercress and the soya yoghurt. This is the ideal regular juice when you’re feeling a bit down but really want to be more active. It’s great for everyone but particularly good for women, as soya helps control hormone fluctuations.

Pears 2, unpeeled

kiwi fruit 1, impeded

broccoli 4 oz, florets only

soya yoghurt 1 carton

Wheat germ 2 tablespoons

Watercress 1 bunch

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in vitamin C Rich in beta-carotene and carotenoids. Contains iron, sulphur, vitamin E and protein.

As well as the generally protective benefits of all the carotenoids and the vitamin C, this juice is rich in phytochemicals from the broccoli and the watercress which are extremely important for the protection of lung tissue against cancer. The vitamin E in wheat germ helps the circulation and will keep you ahead of the field no matter what your chosen sport.

14. August 2014 by Sue
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