Healthy Juicing Tips

Juicing has increasingly gained in popularity, especially since its health benefits have been determined and acknowledged by various people all over the world.

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With the arrival of various devices designed to efficiently extract juice from food, juicing is no longer confined to traditional picks like orange or apple. Nowadays, even vegetables are being extracted for juices all within the comfort of one’s home. If you’re not yet into the whole thing, then here is some of the advantage of juicing that might help you realize why everyone is doing it.

Helps Digestion

When taken in liquid form, juices help the body by making sure the nutrients are absorbed faster. Unlike solid foods that need to be grinded by the stomach, juices need only be processed for a shorter amount of time before the body gets the full benefit of the dosage.

Ensures Sufficient Nutrients in the Body

The ratio of vegetable requirements is one pound per 50 pounds of weight in a person. It’s pretty obvious that not all of us complete the full requirements, let alone get half of it. Add to that is the fact that it’s pretty hard to consume that much vegetables without having to forego other food types. This is where juicing comes in. By converting vegetables and fruits into liquid form, we get the right amount of nutrients needed without feeling too full or perhaps getting tired of the taste.

Different Taste Everyday

Since the process of juicing is so simple, it allows for more time to experiment. If you feel like combining mango and papaya, then it’s no problem. You still get the nutrients plus your taste buds would revel on the new taste. If you’re partial to any type of juice, then that’s OK too. However, if you like to experiment, then juicing is an excellent way to do it while still getting your daily dose of health kick.

Helps Prevent Diseases

Research shows that countries with a predominantly vegetable diet show far lesser numbers of people who get sick on deadly diseases – like cancer. On the other hand, modernized countries that run on fast food and other processed rations show more and more cases of this each day. Although a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables are not one hundred percent methods of avoiding possible health problems, they are in a way, helpful. Hence, juicing is just one method of introducing these fruits and vegetables in our body in a more efficient and delicious manner.

More Advantages

To list down all the other benefits of juicing would take too much time, let’s just say that most of their benefits center on health improvement. Add to that is the fact that juicing saves us from buying expensive juice drinks that contain all those sugar and preservatives. Through juicing, you’ll be sure to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables while quenching thirst.

If you’re already contemplating going into juicing, then here are some things you might want to know about.

First of all, make sure that your vegetables are fresh and thoroughly cleaned before deciding to juice them. Try starting out with fruits that you already love and don’t experiment just yet. Make sure that you drink the juice right after making it since storage often makes them lose vital nutrients. If you should store it, put it in an tightly closed container before placing in the refrigerator. Don’t let the juice exceed 24 hours in storage since by that time, they won’t really be of much use for your health. As much as possible, drink your juice when it is at room temperature and not right out of the cooler. The fresher it is the better.

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21. September 2010 by Sue
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