How Beetroot Juice Can Lower Blood Pressure

It was not so long ago that herbal medicine was ridiculed and called a pseudo-science, but today, it is undeniable that fruits and vegetables have curative properties apart from the nutritional benefits you can get from consuming them. This has been scientifically proven. One of these miracle vegetables is the common garden beet is called beetroot – and in particular beetroot juice has incredible properties. The effect of drinking beetroot juice is almost unbelievable. Imagine, drinking the concoction and getting significant effects (such as lowering blood pressure and decreasing the risk of hypertension) within 24 hours. This is the proof how great fruits and vegetables can be for our health.

The use of beetroot juice as a medicine can be traced back to the middle ages where it was used to treat blood diseases or digestive problems. If you wonder how beetroot juice can do all these wonderful things it seems capable of, is it true? Read on for some answers and more information.

How Beetroot Juice Can Lower Blood Pressure The reason for the awesome effects of beetroot juice is the chemical nitrate it contains. Nitrate is a chemical that widens vessels and arteries. There was a study when nitric oxide and beetroot juice were tested to compare their effects against one another. The result was very similar. Both were very effective in countering blood vessel and artery clogging, and both were effective in lowering high blood pressure within about 24 hours from first consumption.

It is very easy to find beetroot juice in your favorite health shops, however if you are hounded by high blood pressure or any cardiovascular disease, you can try out beetroot juice and benefit from the immediate effects. All you need is to drink 250 ml of beetroot juice and watch your blood pressure go down very quickly.

Aside from the mentioned cardiovascular benefits, beetroot juice is also very effective at increasing stamina. According to research, drinking beetroot juice can be the equivalent to a rigid training regimen.

Beetroot fruit is safe to drink, the only side effect I know about it is urine discoloration. This is not particularly hazardous, but, if you wish to change your diet or take any medication, I strongly suggest that you consult your doctor first. No matter how safe a medicine is, it is still wise that you consult a professional. Make this a rule of thumb and you will never regret any medical decision that you make.


22. December 2010 by Sue
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