Fresh Dill Tea

Fresh Dill Tea

The subtle flavours of dill combined with the clean, fresh taste of cucumber make a most refreshing cold drink. Dill is both cleansing and mood-enhancing, and it’s an excellent remedy for all types of indigestion, especially colic in babies. You can use the leaves sprinkled on any fish dish, added to marinades or sprinkled on cooked vegetables.

Steeping a couple of sprigs in a bottle of vinegar makes a useful condiment that is also a digestive aid.

Don’t waste the rest of the cucumber; use it for traditional cucumber sandwiches to enjoy with your dill tea.



How to Make Fresh Dill Tea Serves 1-2

6 large stalks dill flowers

Half a cucumber


1. Reserving two of the most attractive dill tops, put the rest into a 600ml (20fl oz) jug of boiling water.

2. Leave for ten minutes.

3. Strain, leave to cool, then chill in the fridge.

4. Meanwhile, strip the peel off the cucumber.

5. Serve the tea with the reserved dill tops and cucumber peel floating on top.


Vital statistics

Dill is a source of many essential oils and phytochemicals, the most important of which are carvone and eugenol. Surprisingly, it contains myristicin, which is also found in nutmeg – that is why the dill tea is not only cleansing but also mood-enhancing and stress-relieving. This tea will also relieve menstrual pain and help increase the fiow of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

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