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The only way to inner cleanse is by removing toxins from the body. And the best way to cleanse is by fasting, either on water alone or on juices. Juices are nature’s cleansers and whether drunk alone or combined with solid food they make a huge difference to the way we look and feel. This section provides recipe ideas for juice fasting and a healthy eating plan for an all-round cleansing diet.

Inner cleansing through detoxification has been going on for thousands of years and anything that has been going on for that long must have something going for it! A period of detoxification lets the body cleanse and renew and most people feel great after even a short detox. Toxins are nothing new – they have been around for as long as fasting and are formed as natural by-products of the digestive processes, such as uric acid, lactic acid and adrenalin. However, if the body gets overburdened with waste products, it cannot efficiently eliminate these natural toxins, let alone deal with the unnatural toxins we take in from chemicals and other environmental pollutants. In today’s world excess wastes and impurities build up in the body, which leads to slow metabolism, sluggishness, fatigue, skin blemishes, dull hair and eyes and general malaise.

All these things are telling us that we need to inner cleanse. A healthy system can cope with a certain amount of toxins, but when we bombard it with too much salt, alcohol, cigarette smoke, stress, worry, food allergies, frustration, anger, chemicals, lack of exercise and bad diet then we can’t cope and our body begins to complain.


♦ rid the body of accumulated wastes by releasing them from the cells and tissues

♦ flush waste products out through the kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and colon

♦ restore the right pH balance

♦ strengthen the blood and immune systems

♦ give the body a rest.

The outward signs of an inner cleanse are glowing skin, shiny hair, sparkling eyes, vitality, zest and much more!

How Often Should You Detox?

It really depends on what you can manage individually and what commitments and lifestyle you have. At the very least though, most healthy people can manage a one-day juice fast and the American ‘Juiceman’ Jay Korvich recommends juice fasting one day every week. Longer fasts of three days can be done monthly or so. We all need regular cleansing. Common ailments like allergies, mood swings, headaches, depression and skin problems occur when the body is clogged up and under strain. The idea behind any inner cleansing diet is also educational. Eventually your body will be re-educated into new and healthier ways of eating and a healthier lifestyle.

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Weight Loss

Fresh juices are great for any weight-loss programme since they are virtually fat free, low in calories and high in nutrients. For example an 8oz glass of fruit juice contains about 100 calories, and the same amount of vegetable juice contains even less than that. Juices also help to curb the appetite and speed up the metabolism. Any plan of healthy eating will tend to ‘normalise’ the whole system and bring you to your personal optimum weight. A short juice fast can be a step in the right direction, but any permanent weight loss requires permanent changes in the way you eat and live.


Cellulite is really a build-up of toxins in the fat cells. Nature is wise and puts toxins in the least harmful areas, away from vital organs and tissues like the heart and brain. Fat cells are a relatively safe place to dump toxins, but cellulite is still a sign that the body could do with a detox. Banishing cellulite is an ongoing campaign in which juice fasts play a valuable role. Any health gains take time and effort and a willingness to change. If you think about it, we are today what we ate yesterday, and only you can change that.

One-Day Juice Fast


♦ It is important to get ready mentally which means getting into a positive frame of mind so that you can complete the fast.

♦ Set aside a day when you can relax and rest as much as possible as this will benefit your whole system. You may want to book a massage appointment or a sauna on that day to assist with the cleansing process.

♦ Make sure you have all the ingredients you will need for the fast day – including fruit and vegetables, herb teas, etc. and optional extras such as dry skin brush, Epsom salts or enema kit.

♦ It is also a good idea to keep as quiet and peaceful as possible, avoiding television and busy places. Cleansing is a time to look inward and peace and quiet will help tremendously.

♦ Prepare your digestive system the day before the fast.

This can be a mono-fruit day or just eating lightly, avoiding meat, fish, eggs, dairy produce and wheat. The most powerful juice fast is a fruit juice fast, since juices are stronger cleansers than vegetables, especially citrus fruit. However, a pure fruit juice fast could stir up too many toxins at once and leave you feeling a bit rough.

Ideally, try to drink a mix of fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day plus plenty of filtered or bottled water and herb teas if desired.


4 apples

8 carrots

¼ cucumber

1celery stick

2 oranges

1 lemon

Some fresh root ginger

Bottled or filtered water

Selection of herb teas


Vegetable bristle body brush

Enema kit and freshly ground organic coffee

1-2lbs Epsom salts

Psyllium husks


On rising :

A glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice and/or ginger. This helps cleanse the intestines and restore the pH balance.

Body brush, shower, do some light exercise like yoga or breathing exercises.

Breakfast :

8-10 oz glass of apple, orange and ginger juice.

Mid-morning :

8-10 oz glass water or a herb tea.

Lunch :

8-10 oz glass of carrot and apple juice.

Afternoon :

8-10 oz glass of water or a herb tea.

Supper :

8-10 oz glass of carrot, celery and cucumber Juice.

Evening :

8-10 oz glass of water or a herb tea.

Before bed :

8-10 oz glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice and/or ginger.

Try to drink about 1-2 litres of filtered or bottled water as well as the juices to help flush toxins out of the system.

Three juices per day will probably be enough to start with since they are powerful cleansers and can stir up toxins faster than you can comfortably eliminate. You can also dilute juices with water if you feel they may be too strong. If you want to have more than three juices a day then using enemas, psyllium husks or Epsom salt baths will really help with elimination.

Any detox programme is already enhanced if you also take some light exercise such as yoga, walking or breathing exercises, but remember not to overdo it, since the body needs all its energy for cleansing and you could feel slightly weak or faint if you don’t take it easy. Relaxation is an important part of detox diets. This is also a perfect time to pamper yourself – have a massage, a sauna or a facial, for example. You could use the time to read, write letters, sew, meditate or listen to music.

Three-Day Fast

Follow the guidelines for the one-day fast for three consecutive days. You can choose different juices for each ‘meal’ from the Recipes section, or make up your own. The longer you fast, the greater the depth of cleansing. The body has more time in which to surrender its toxins for clearing and for rebuilding worn and damaged tissues.

The first day is always the hardest because the body needs time to adapt to going without food and you may feel a little hungry. But the rewards are great and you will have much more energy and clarity of mind after fasting. Because more toxins will be dug out of the cells on a longer fast you may feel slightly unwell as the toxins are released into the system for clearing. Naturopaths may recommend including enemas, Epsom salt baths, or psyllium husks during the three fast days to help with elimination. Caffeine enemas are reputed to be especially good at stimulating the liver and helping it to detoxify through the bowel.


♦ Diet- Fresh juices, bottled or filtered water, herb teas.

♦ Internal cleansing- enemas, psyllium husks.

♦ External cleansing- Epsom salts, sauna, steam bath, skin brushing, shower.

♦ Exercise- walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, breathing, t’ai chi, stretch, rebounding.

♦ Rest.

♦ Peace.

Optional Extras

These are by no means essential to cleansing and detoxification but they can help to eliminate toxins from the body. Years of

bad eating habits and sluggish organs of elimination can lead to a build-up of toxins which is particularly hard to shift through juicing alone. These optional extras are designed to thoroughly cleanse and stimulate our organs of detoxification such as the skin and the bowel. However, it is always better to consult your doctor or health care practitioner first if you are at all unsure about any of the following aids to elimination.


Psyllium husks, the seeds of the plaintain, are a form of natural fibre and are unsurpassed in their ability to remove sticky mucus and toxins from the bowel. They can be taken as capsules or stirred loose into water. The important thing is to ensure that you drink at least one glass of water per three or four capsules or teaspoon of husks. This is because they swell up with water to form a bulky jelly-like mass which absorbs toxins and carries them out of the body. Psyllium husks are a well-known remedy for ulcers and constipation, they reduce acidity and increase urine flow. A similar effect can also be achieved with linseeds. The husks are available in most health-food stores and make a great addition to any detox or cleansing diet.


Linseeds are rich in fibre and essential fatty acids and can be used instead of psyllium husks. Take one dessertspoon of linseeds two or three times daily with one of your juices or some live yoghurt, or sprinkle them on soups and salads. For the seeds to work effectively, it is important that you drink at least ¼ pint (150ml) per dessertspoon of seeds.


Brushing your skin all over with a dry brush may sound a little odd, but it is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system and it clears and revitalises the skin. Use a vegetable bristle brush on

dry skin, brush the body in brisk sweeps towards the lower abdomen. You always begin at the feet and move upwards until you reach the abdomen, then begin to brush down from the neck and shoulders. Body brushes are fairly easy to get hold of from chemists and health-food stores.


Epsom salts are made from magnesium sulphate and they draw impurities from the skin. Add about 1-2lbs of salts to a hot bath and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes. When you get out, wrap yourself up in warm clothes, get into bed and sweat, sweat, sweat! As you perspire toxins will be eliminated through the skin. Epsom salts are available from chemists and some health-food stores.


Coffee enemas help to stimulate the liver and encourage detoxification through the bowel. (Drinking coffee doesn’t have this same beneficial effect!) To prepare a coffee enema, put three tablespoons of real ground, organic coffee into a pint of water and let it boil for three minutes and then simmer for a further fifteen minutes. Strain and use at body temperature. Make the liquid up to about two pints before use. Always lie on your right side with your knees up to your chest when doing an enema and try to keep the liquid in for fifteen to twenty minutes. If you find you can only manage to keep it in a short while, then use less liquid and halve the strength. You can buy enema kits from chemists and suppliers of health products.

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