Juice Therapy: Eleven Good Reasons to Juice

Although there is much research still to be done in the area of nutrition and health, many health experts and practitioners believe that nutritional deficiencies are one of the most common contributors to disease in our time. So many people in the developed world are not following a healthy life plan of wholesome, balanced eating and regular exercise that it is not surprising we suffer from a long list of chronic complaints, ranging from arthritis and diabetes to coronary heart disease and cancer.

Health isn’t something that can be turned on or off overnight. It is not what we eat or drink occasionally that determines our well-being, but what we consume every day. That is why it is so important to eat natural, well-balanced foods, fresh from nature’s garden. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices form a valuable part of any dietary journey back to health and happiness and their greatest benefit is derived when combined with a healthy diet, positive thinking, correct breathing and regular exercise.

Really, the drinking of fresh juices, known as juice therapy, is a wonderfully healthy habit. It is because juices are so easily digested and assimilated that they have such a health-building impact on the body. We can make maximum use of the nutrients with minimum expense to the digestive system. Juices have the power to protect us from illness by strengthening the immune system. They cleanse the blood and vital organs and stimulate our metabolism. All these things help to maintain a healthy, vibrant body. Discover how to start juicing here.

Why not buy fresh juices?

The simple answer is that many of them are not what they appear to be! For example, in 1987 an American juice company pleaded guilty to charges of selling millions of bottles of artificially flavoured water labelled as 100 percent pure apple juice! Other juice manufacturers import cheap fruit from countries which are still using banned pesticides like DDT. Minute traces of these chemicals penetrate the growing fruit and eventually end up in our bodies! To get the most value out of fresh juices they really need to be consumed within a couple of hours, otherwise they lose vitality and nutrients. Within twenty-four hours, for example, a glass of carrot juice can lose as much as half of its vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Leaving a juice to stand means that the enzyme activity is also vastly reduced. Enzymes are the things which help chemical reactions take place in the body, which means they are vital to proper digestion.

How many shop-bought juices are less than a few hours old? Most are pasteurised or sterilised to give them a longer shelf life. These processes involve high temperatures, which not only destroy the active enzymes but some of the nutrients as well, effectively rendering it ‘dead food’.

Other ready-made juices contain a host of additives from colourings and flavourings to corn syrup, salt and chemical preservatives.

Having said all that, some ready-made juices are fine – it is a case of being discerning, armed with the knowledge that ‘fresh is best’.

Eleven Good Reasons to Juice

# Juices can help to keep us beautiful.

# Juices are rich in active enzymes which aid digestion.

# Juices are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

# Juices boost our vitality.

# Juices help to eliminate toxins.

# Juices are rich in antioxidants which protect from disease and premature ageing.

# Juices contain essential amino acids.

# Juices are rich in chlorophyll.

# Juices help balance the body’s acid/alkaline levels.

# Juices help in weight reduction.

# Fresh juice tastes great!

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