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Juicing Equipment

The pieces of juicing equipment required to make the healthy juice drinks in this site, are a blender, a juicer, a grinder, and a citrus juicer. You probably already have some of these, but if you are shopping for new appliances consider the following factors and choose the best quality you can afford.

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Juicer Machine

Check for ease of cleaning and assembling. Does the juicer machine have a lot of components to deal with, or does it have grooves or other hard-to-clean crevices? Look for a simple, streamlined juicer machine.

What is the size and position of pulp container? If making large quantities of juice, will you have to stop and take the machine apart often to clear out pulp, and if so, is it easy to do? Some juicers have external pulp collection areas, which means you don`t have to disassemble anything to empty them.

How powerful is the motor? Will it extract the maximum amount of juice?

Check for safety and ease of use. Does the lid have a safety lock? Are the controls easy to use?

Similar considerations apply to blenders, electric citrus juicers, and grinders. If you are still unsure, look at the brand reputation and the warranty conditions in case something does go wrong. It is also a good idea to check consumer guides for price and workability comparisons.

Another important point to consider is where you will keep your juicer machine. Do you have room on your work-top to leave it set up all the time? Will it fit in an easy-to-reach cupboard? Accessibility is vital, as many juicers are bought with the best intentions, only to languish, forgotten, in dark cupboards.


A blender is used to liquidize soft fruits for drinks, as well as to make milk—based shakes and smoothies. Be sure yours will handle ice cubes, which can overwork less powerful motors. If not, wrap ice cubes in a clean tea towel and crush them with a rolling pin or mallet before blending.


A grinder is used to grind nuts and seeds to a meal or fine powder. This not only changes them into a form suitable for drinks, but also in some cases makes them more digestible. An electric coffee grinder is probably the most efficient grinder, but you will need to keep it specifically for nuts and seeds, so as not to transfer a coffee flavour.

Juice Extractors

There are different types of extractors, but the two types normally used in domestic situations are either a centrifugal extractor or a masticating extractor, with the former being the most common.

A centrifugal machine extracts juice by finely grating food, then using centrifugal force (spinning around very fast) to separate the juice from the pulp. This tends to aerate the juice, which should be consumed straight away as it will deteriorate rapidly.

A masticating machine also finely grates the food, but then has a “chewing” action that makes the particles even smaller. This pulp is pressed to extract the juice, so it doesn’t incorporate air. This means that the juice can be stored for up to one day in the refrigerator.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus fruits can be peeled and juiced in an extractor, but if you are only juicing one or two pieces of a citrus fruit, you may want to use a citrus juicer. There are four kinds:


A small hand-held tool with a handle at one end and a corrugated, rounded cone at the other. The reamer is inserted into the cut fruit and twisted to extract juice.

Manual juicer:

A small, free-standing juicer with a “cone” standing upright, with either a juice collection gutter around it or holes draining into a jug. The cut fruit is twisted by hand to extract the juice.

Electric juicer:

A comparatively large piece of equipment, the cut fruit is held in place by hand, while a motor spins the “cone”. The juice drains through a spout into a collection pitcher.

Press/Lever Juicer:

This type of manual juicer has styles that can vary slightly, but they work on the principle of the pressure-the cut citrus half is placed on the cone, then you pull a lever to exert pressure, releasing the juice. These are very stylish pieces, usually made from stainless steel with some chrome parts.

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