Juicing Recipe – ‘Cool Beet and Coriander’

Beet and Coriander Juice Drink

It’s not always easy to find uncooked beetroot, but it’s certainly worth the effort as the combination of apple and beetroot juice is as tasty as it is unusual. The distinctive flavour of celery blends well with the other ingredients, and the tartness of lime and cranberry offsets the sweetness of the beetroot. This is a perfect drink for all seasons.




Beet and Coriander Juice Drink Serves 1-2

1 lime

1 stalk celery

Half a handful coriander leaves

1 small uncooked beetroot, preferably with leaves

75ml or about 3fl oz apple juice

75ml or about 3fl oz cranberry juice


1. Squeeze the juice from the lime and reserve.

2. Put the celery, coriander, and beetroot through a juicer.

3. Mix in the lime, apple, and cranberry juice to serve.


Vital statistics

This juice has an extremely high vitamin C content, thanks to the lime, cranberry, and apple, so it also acts as an immune-booster.

Beetroot has long been a traditional favourite remedy for all kinds of blood disorders, particularly anaemia, which causes chronic fatigue. They’re a major source of betacarotene, vitamins B6 and C, folic acid, iron, and potassium, and they work well as a blood-booster. The addition of cranberry juice adds urinary protection, making this drink ideal for anyone with recurrent cystitis.



18. April 2011 by Sue
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