Lemon Barley Water Recipe

Lemon Barley Water

Lemon barley water has been a traditional cleansing formula of herbalists for hundreds of years. It’s particularly effective for all forms of urinary problem, and a great cleansing aid for most skin conditions, particularly those associated with oily skins and recurrent spots.

Any of the three herbs enhance the cleansing abilities of this drink, and the high-fibre content of the barley means that one glass can provide up to a third of your daily fibre needs, making this an excellent bowel cleanser as well.

Most importantly, it tastes delicious – something most of our grandmothers will have made as a matter of course, but few people today have ever tasted. Try it; I promise it will become one of your family favourites, and the kids will love it.



Serves 4

125g or 4-1/2oz pot barley

55g or 2oz organic demerara sugar

2 organic unwaxed lemons

1,200ml or 40fl oz water

a handful of cowslip flowers, dandelion leaves or marjoram



1. Wash the barley and put it into a large jug.

2. Put the sugar in a bowl. Scrub the lemons with warm water and grate the rind into the sugar; mix together and add to the barley.

3. Bring the water to the boil, pour over the barley, sugar, and lemon rind, stir vigorously and leave to cool.

4. Squeeze the juice from the lemons, add to barley, stir again, and strain through a fine sieve. If you have access to cowslip flowers or dandelion leaves in your own or a friend’s garden, they make an unusual addition; if not, you can buy marjoram in the supermarket or grow your own.

5. Serve over lots of ice-cubes for a taste of the ‘real thing’- far removed from the over-sweetened, artificial bottled stuff that’s commercially available.


Vital statistics

The naturally cleansing plant chemicals in cowslips, dandelions, and marjoram are what give this drink its real boost, though the very high vitamin C content is a major cleansing factor, too. Because of the lemon peel, there is also a rich content of bioflavonoids, which are cleansing and protective. As well as the fibre from the barley, there are modest amounts of B vitamins, some trace minerals, and a small amount of protein as a bonus. As a family drink, this traditional beverage is infinitely healthier than any of the canned, bottled or otherwise processed drinks on the market, as it’s free from all artificial colourings, flavourings, and preservatives.


19. April 2011 by Sue
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