Lychee, Buttermilk and Honey

Lychee, Buttermilk and Honey

If you’ve only ever had tinned lychees in syrup in your local Chinese restaurant, then this smoothie will be a revelation.

Fresh lychees are a totally different taste sensation. They have the most delicate flavour and are also a useful source of nutrients.

Using buttermilk rather than yoghurt or ordinary milk provides a different texture as well as an unusual taste to this energy-giving recipe.


Serves 1-2

10 lychees

125ml or 4fl oz buttermilk

3 level tbsp runny honey

2 redcurrant sprigs (for garnish)


  1. lychee,-buttermilk-and-honeyPeel and stone the lychees. Put the flesh into a blender and whizz.
  2. Add the buttermilk and honey and whizz again.
  3. Serve with the redcurrant sprigs draped over the edge of the glasses.


Vital statistics

Lychees are a good source of vitamin C, but they also contain some calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, all of which are important for energy conversion as well as healthy bones.

The protein and extra calcium from the buttermilk, as well as its extremely low sugar content, means you avoid the insulin rush of high-sugar energy-boosters; instead, you benefit from a sustained increase in your general vitality.



16. April 2011 by Sue
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