Orange Pepper Slimming Drink Recipe

Super Slimmer Juice

Here’s another simple juice that is both unusual and health-giving.

Extremely rich in vitamin C, the sweetness of the apples, combined with the hot taste of the watercress, makes this a wonderful digestive aid.

Most people feel a bit low from time to time when they’re trying to diet; adding the allspice to this drink makes it a real mood-enhancer as well. It’s hard to imagine what this tastes like until you’ve tried it; though it might not sound it, the flavours are terrific.



Orange Pepper Slimming Drink Recipe Serves 1-2

1 orange pepper

1 large bag (140g or 5oz) watercress

3 apples, preferably Cox’s orange pippins

2 pinches allspice


1. Wash, halve, and de-seed the pepper.

2. Wash the watercress and tear off the leaves.

3. Wash, core and quarter the apples.

4. Put all of these ingredients through a juicer.

5. Serve with the allspice sprinkled on top.


Vital statistics

Masses of vitamin C and betacarotene make this juice another vital boost to your natural immunity. This is so important, as many people who embark on a weight-loss diet find they’re more susceptible to every bug that’s doing the rounds. As soon as they catch a cold, they have a wonderful excuse to give up the diet. Generous use of this recipe will protect you from the infections – so you won’t have an excuse to quit.


20. April 2011 by Sue
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