Peach, Mango and Lime Smoothie Recipe

Tangy Smoothie

This tastes and smells wonderful, and even when fresh peaches are not available, it’s pretty good made with canned ones as long as they’re in pure juice or water and not sugar syrup. The unique taste of lime contrasts well with the sweeter, heavier flavours of the other fruits, and when the yoghurt is added it takes on a wonderful creamy consistency.

For a thicker smoothie, try using traditional Greek yoghurt or adding some mascarpone or crème fraiche.





Serves 2

2 large peaches

2 large mangoes

1 lime

450ml or 16fl oz plain live yoghurt


1. Stone the peaches.

2. Peel and stone the mangoes.

3. Put both fruits through a juicer.

4. Cut two or three slices from the lime, then squeeze the juice from the rest.

5. Mix the lime, peach, and mango juices with the yoghurt.

6. Serve with the reserved lime slices on top.


Vital statistics

The peaches and mangoes provide a large injection of betacarotene and lots of other carotenoids, which specifically protect the skin and mucous membranes and help boost immunity, while an extra vitamin C boost comes from the lime. The yoghurt provides resistance-boosting friendly bacteria that live in the intestine, where they both help destroy unwanted bugs and have a direct effect on the general immune system.

23. April 2011 by Sue
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