‘Pick-Me-Up’ Juicer Recipes

Even in the best-ordered lives there are times when hauling yourself out of bed requires a superhuman effort. There are days where energy seems so lacking that the thought of getting dressed and dragging yourself to work is enough to bring on an instant attack of doom and gloom. I call this TTFN (Total but Temporary Fatigue Neurosis), and 75 per cent of the population say they wake up with it at some time. Of course, the more common causes of TTFN are self-inflicted: too much booze the night before, burning the candle at both ends, an endless diet of junk food, sticky buns and sweets. Yet many people suffer TTFN through no fault of their own. They are simply ground down by the stresses and pressures of modern life, jobs and children; illness or infection; poor absorption of nutrients due to digestive problems; or other physical disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Even in the absence of all these problems, however, nutritional deficiencies are frequently the cause of TTFN.

Intensively grown crops raised on poor soil, intensively farmed animals reared in far from ideal circumstances, even apparently good food so processed that it loses substantial amounts of its original value… all of these things eventually take their toll.

One universally ignored cause of TTFN is the depletion of nutrients and other vital substances that results from long-term use of prescribed and over-the-counter medicines. Many doctors are unaware of the damaging effects some medicines have on nutritional well-being. These are just some of the reasons that so many people need a pick-me-up, and there’s no better way to get one than with a glass of freshly made juice. For extra potency, some of the juices in this section are fortified by the addition of such power-packing nutrients as wheat germ, molasses, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, maple syrup, honey, soya milk, tofu, kelp and vitamins.

Grapefruit and Aloe juice.

Grapefruit and Aloe juice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


C-Plus is just the thing to boost your natural resistance and give you that extra ‘get up and go’ if you’re feeling a bit more than one degree under par. Echinacea is a plant that is native to North America but now grows widely throughout Europe. It has been used for centuries by herbalists for its specific ability to support and enhance the body’s own immune system. To create this Pick-me-up Juice, use a one-gram soluble vitamin C tablet, dissolve it in a little water, add the echinacea extract, stir into the finished juice and drink immediately. You can find both the vitamin C tablets and echinacea at chemists or good health-food stores.

Oranges 2, peeled, leaving pith behind

*grapefruit 1, Peeled, leaving pith behind

key lime 1,unpeeled

Vitamin C 1 one-gram tablet

echinacea extract 30 drops

*lf taking prescribed medicines, consult your doctor before drinking large amounts of grapefruit juice

Vital statistics:

Doubly Super-rich in Vitamin C: a glass of C-Plus is equivalent to a whole week’s requirement. The abundant bioflavonoids from the citrus fruits make this juice a superb free-radical scavenger which cleans up the system as well as providing excellent Superjuice protection.

Super stinger

Make sure you wear gloves when gathering the stinging nettles, but don’t worry – the juice won’t sting. Nettles have been used as medicine since the earliest times and were one of the favourite herbs of the first-century Greek physician Dioscorides. This powerful herb, combined with the immune-boosting benefits of carrots and spinach, makes this an instant tonic.

Carrots 3, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

apples 2, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

Stinging nettles 1 bunch young, pale-green

Spinach 1 handful of leaves

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin A. Rich in Vitamin C Contains calcium, potassium and iron. The flavonoids in spinach and nettles boost Super Stinger’s protective value, while the vitamin C from the apples improves absorption of its iron content. This is an ideal juice for nursing mothers as it increases the flow of breast milk, guards against anaemia and restores energy.

Grapefruit glitz

When peeling the grapefruit and oranges to make this fruit-packed Superjuice, be sure to leave plenty of the white pith still attached to the flesh, as this is where this tonic’s bioflavonoids are found. If you’re lucky enough to find very thin-skinned lemons, there’s no need to peel them at all – though it’s best to taste a little of the peel first, as this can sometimes be very bitter.

*grapefruit 2, peeled, leaving pith behind

Oranges 2, peeled, leaving pith behind

lemon 1, with peel if thin-skinned

*lf taking prescribed medicines, consult your doctor before drinking large amounts of grapefruit juice

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C and potassium. Contains useful amounts of calcium. It’s not just the vitamin C content that is so important in this recipe, it’s the wide range of protective flavonoids which helps increase natural immunity against both bacteria and viruses, and plays a major part in protecting the body against cancer. As a bonus, you’ll also get a substantial shot of folic acid and some useful vitamin A.

Life Saver

Just the juice to revive that sinking feeling! Of all the lettuces, iceberg probably has the least amount of nutrients – especially when compared with the dark-green and red leafed varieties. However, it doesn’t go slimy in your fridge after three days; in fact, it will keep well for two weeks if wrapped in cling film. It has a much sweeter flavour than other lettuce and contains the highest levels of natural calming substances. If you’re tense, anxious and irritable, as well as being run down, then this is the cure.

Apples 3, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

Oranges 2, peeled, leaving pith behind

lemon 1, with peel if thin-skinned

iceberg lettuce 2 handfuls

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C and folic acid, contains vitamin A, iron, Calcium and masses of potassium. This Superjuice is also a good source of protective flavonoids. Lettuce contains substances known as lactones, and was used by the ancient Assyrians as a mild sedative. All of which makes the Life Saver an ideal calming and restorative juice for children recovering from illness.

Entente cordiale

This combination of the typically British carrot and beetroot with the sunny Mediterranean flavour of basil combines the best of northern and southern European flavours. The blood-building benefits of beetroot contrast delightfully with the cooling flavour of cucumber, while the energy-giving natural sugars in the root vegetables blend wonderfully with the heady aroma, digestive benefits and mentally stimulating effects of basil.

Carrots 3, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

beetroot 1 medium, unpeeled, with leaves

cucumber ½ medium

basil 1 handful of leaves

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin A. Rich in folic acid and potassium. Contains vitamin C, magnesium and Calcium. It isn’t just the obvious protective nutrients that make this juice a pick-me-up, but the content of betaine (an anthocyanin) in beetroot which improves the quality of the blood. Like so many herbs, basil has an ancient history as a medicine and, whether taken in this juice or used in cooking, it energises both mind and body.

Welsh ginger

Is it coincidence that the national emblem of Wales is a leek? The Welsh are renowned for their wonderful male-voice choirs – and leeks have been used to soothe, protect and improve the quality of the voice since Roman times. Even so, it’s not for its vocal properties that the leek is combined here with carrots, parsley and ginger. Like its close relatives, garlic and onions, the leek boosts immunity and stimulates energy.

Combined with the ginger, it makes this a guaranteed pep-up recipe.

Carrots 4, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

leek 1 small

parsley 1 handful, with stems

ginger ½ oz fresh root

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin A, beta-carotene and other vital Carotenoids. Rich in potassium, contains vitamin C and calcium. The phytochemicals in the leek stimulate good digestion and improve nutrient absorption to increase energy levels. The gentle diuretic effects of parsley help eliminate toxins (especially after illness), while the ginger stimulates circulation and perks up the entire system.

Stir-fry starter

Here is everything you get in an oriental restaurant without the wok. Like our home-grown savoy cabbage, these exotic relatives – Chinese cabbage and Pak Choi – are members of the cruciferae family. Their flavours blend perfectly with those of carrots and sweet potato. The rich mineral content of seaweed is a vital addition to this recipe, while sesame seeds supply both energy and that elusive oriental flavour. Anyone suffering or recovering from serious illness will benefit from this powerful pick-me-up. Sprinkle the sesame seeds onto the finished juice for a massive energy, vitamin and mineral bonus.

Carrots 2, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

Sweet potato 1 small, unpeeled

Chinese cabbage 1/2 medium

pak choi 1 handful

Seaweed 1 handful (wash to remove salt)

Sesame Seeds 2 teaspoons

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A, C, E, carotenoids. Folic acid and potassium, contains some B vitamins, iron, magnesium and iodine. This juice is bursting with the phytochemicals which encourage detoxification, work powerfully against hormone-related cancers and protect against cell damage in general. Hence, Stir-fry Starter is ideal for anyone suffering from ME. Chronic fatigue, overwork or just plain tiredness.

Peppery pick-up

The instant energy from the molasses and the natural sugars in the apricots works hand-in-hand with the beneficial constituents of the other ingredients in this Pick-me-up Juice. The liver-activating properties of fennel stimulate the detoxifying process, while the cleansing effects of the peppers will soon get you back on your feet. This one also makes a great pick-me-up if you’ve had a drop too much of the hard stuff. Blend the finished juice with the molasses and apricots and a handful of ice-cubes for a delicious and stimulating cooler.

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A and C. carotenoids, potassium. Contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Peppery Pick-up is especially healing to the stomach thanks to the fennel, a vegetable long-used medicinally in southern Europe. The massive carotenoid content in this juice is a sure-fire recipe for rapid recovery. Its calcium, magnesium and potassium content also make it a great tonic after strenuous physical exercise.

Dried apricots 4, soaked overnight

Oranges 2, peeled, leaving pith behind

fennel 1 medium bulb

red pepper 1 deseeded

yellow pepper 1 deseeded

molasses 1 dessertspoon

On your mark

If you’re putting off exercise because you just can’t work up enough enthusiasm, this is the juice for you. On Your Mark is perfect before a round of golf, a game of tennis, an evening of ten-pin bowling, a session in the gym, a cycle ride or even just a long, brisk walk. The slow-release energy from the parsnip and carrots, the instant fruit sugars in the tangerines, and the sustaining benefits of the apple will certainly get you on your mark and raring to go.

Tangerines 4, peeled

Carrots 2, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

apple 1, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

parsnip 1 large, unpeeled

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene, rich in potassium, phosphorus, sulphur and silicon.

Contains vitamin E and some B Vitamins. The complex starches in the parsnip and carrots break down slowly, providing a gradual release of energy that is ideal for sporting activities. This juice will give you an instant lift and get you in the right frame of mind and body to enjoy any sporting interests.

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