Pink Grapefruit Punch

Pink Grapefruit Punch

This is a great pre-barbecue ice-breaker to be sipped gently under the shade of a large garden umbrella – even if it is to keep off the rain!

But who needs an excuse to enjoy any form of Pimm’s?

It’s cool, refreshing, and, in moderation, extremely good for your health. You’ll love the interesting mixture of Pimm’s and the sweet tartness of good pink grapefruit. This punch will certainly cool you down on a hot day – and even when it’s grey, wet, and miserable, it’ll cheer you up with its wonderful suggestions of smooth, green lawns and summer sunshine.


pink-grapefruit-punchFor 6 party-loving people

4 pink grapefruit


Half a bottle of Pimm’s

Half a bottle of good sparkling wine

Soda water

1 lemon


1. Squeeze the juice from the grapefruit using a citrus-citrus fruit or hand-held juicer (DON’T put them through a juicing machine made for harder fruits).

2. Put some ice into a large punch-bowl.

3. Over the ice, pour the juice, Pimm’s, and sparkling wine.

4. Stir well, then top up with soda water.

5. Slice the lemon thinly and use it as a garnish.


Vital statistics

Pink grapefruit provides abundant amounts of vitamin C and also some betacarotene. Grapefruit contains bioflavonoids, too, which play an important part in protecting the inside walls of veins and arteries. Though red wine is reputedly the heart-protector, all alcoholic drinks are good for your heart and circulation as long as you don’t consume them to excess.

Some prescribed medicines react badly with grapefruit and grapefruit juice, so check the leaflets of any medicines you’ve been given by your doctor; if you’re not sure, ask your pharmacist.


18. April 2011 by Sue
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