Power, Energy and Stamina Juice Recipe: ‘Boxer’s Beverage’

One glass of this Superjuice packs the punch of Mohammed Ali. Overflowing with instantly available essential nutrients, Boxer’s Beverage provides power, energy and stamina. The minerals, vitamins and easily utilised calories make this the perfect partner for a high-carbohydrate snack shortly before physical exercise. It’s also a great reviver after strenuous exertion.

Carrots 4, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

kiwi fruit 1, unpeeled

parsley 1 handful with stems

Spinach 1 handful of leaves


Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B6, folic acid and potassium. Rich in other B Vitamins and iron.

Contains calcium. Truly a first-class Superjuice for boxers and non-boxers alike! One glass provides more than your daily requirement of all the vitamins and minerals listed above. Great for building up body power in advance of taxing times (physical or mental) as well as ideal for replacing it during calmer moments.

07. August 2013 by Sue
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