Power Juices

In today’s world, everyone needs energy and stamina: power to make it through the day, to cope with the uncertainties of job security, the rigours of bringing up a family and the monthly tyranny of rent or mortgage. Power juices provide the answer.

For energy and stamina, you need good calories, and you’ll find them in abundance in Power Juices, together with the nutrients that are essential for their conversion into usable energy. Seventy per cent of the UK population wake up tired every morning; that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. Many people try the artificial stimulus provided by caffeine and sugar, munching chocolate bars on the way to work and drinking even more sweet tea or coffee when they arrive. Add sticky buns mid-morning, washed down by yet more caffeine, and it’s no wonder that most experience a sinking feeling before they even get to lunch-time. A Power Juice for breakfast will get you off to a flying start. Try ‘Pumping Iron’, or ‘Instant Energiser’.

If you need mental energy for a meeting, interview or exam, boost your brain power with our High Flyer juice. For sport after work or Saturday on the golf course, kick off with our Peak Performer Recipe.

Note to the calorie conscious: while Power Juices provide both physical and mental energy, they are not a remedy for an unbalanced diet or continual low-calorie weight-loss diets. Any slimming regime that depends on a 1,000-calorie-a-day input is doomed to disaster. Within a week or ten days, your nutritional intake has fallen so much that you are at risk of deficiency, and the tiredness and irritability that results inevitably leads you to binge. You instantly gain more weight than you’ve lost, and end up feeling guilty into the bargain. A sensible eating plan that reduces fat and sugar consumption, supplemented with Power Juices, is the sensible way to weight loss.

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07. August 2013 by Sue
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