Preparing Garlic Juice And The Beneficial Effects Of Drinking It

Drinking garlic juice will give you beneficial results for your body like prevention of dermatitis or dermatological diseases, boosting immunity, used as anti-bodies, and regulating blood pressure.

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Garlic juice is a good source of Vitamin B-1, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Sodium, Calcium, and other vitamins and minerals.

Garlic Juice is also beneficial for relieving abdominal pain, diabetes, dysentery, heart ailments, diarrhea, spleen problems, and best de-worming agent.

The shaft of fresh garlic is firm to hold and it doesn’t have moulds, otherwise you may not use it for juicing, doing so may lead for worse situations. Garlic is one of the most potent vegetables that you can plant and grow to any place with fertile soil.

Folks with a distinctive taste and likes to blend stronger garlic juice with 2 or more cloves of garlic, but for those who are fine with a bit of the taste just a garlic glove will do.

The sulfur content on the garlic juice serves as an anti-body that would be an essential nutrient for your skin to make it glow and appear radiant.

When you want to get rid of recurring diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi; and if you like to relieve yourself form flu and sticky phlegm, drinking garlic juice would be the best answer to all your health problems. You can never go wrong with the garlic juice blend you prepared for it is one of the best vegetable juices available.

Now, to ease the odor of your glass or container after garlic juice preparations, you may follow blending other vegetables rich in chlorophyll like, broccoli, parsley, and celery, for it aids in removing bad garlic odor.

The extract or juices from garlic are colorless and this is coming out when you prick a seed or the whole glove. The other uses of garlic juice is adding zest to your recipes and cooking preparations and the advantage is it doesn’t have a bitter after taste. You may spend lesser effort when you use garlic juice as a base for your recipe and cooking purposes.

The preparation know-how for a garlic juice:

ONLY BUY QUALITY GARLIC – Buy only a bulb of organic garlic for its stronger that genetically modified ones.

MAKING GARLIC PUREE – You can make garlic puree solely by pressing down fresh garlic manually, blending machine, or chopping board.

STRAINING THE GARLIC – To collect juice from the strainer, push it to make a garlic puree.

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24. September 2010 by Emma Deangela
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