Shakes and Smoothies Recipes

Shakes and Smoothies may sound like little more than a tasty indulgence, but nothing could be further from the truth. They can be a meal in a glass, a convalescent’s first steps on the road to recovery, a vegetable-hating child’s salvation and the busy person’s brilliant alternative to instant TV dinners.

The most unlikely but nutritionally excellent things can go into your blender – a far cry from the burger bar’s high-fat, low-nutrient milkshakes. Some of these recipes need a blender (if you don’t have one, then the hand-held magic wand types work fairly well, even if they take a bit longer). Others require a juicer and a blender. Don’t be put off by the need for equipment: believe me, these Superjuices are honestly worth the effort and the washing up. Milk, yoghurt and frozen yoghurt, soya milk and yoghurt, ice-cream of all types (including soya), fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, fortifying nutritional ingredients such as wheat germ, lecithin, brewer’s yeast, kelp, molasses, even vitamin C… all are included in the following Shake and Smoothie recipes. However, the ingredients can be tailored to your individual needs as well as tastes. Shakes and Smoothies also provide the ideal opportunity to include herbs and spices – especially those that have good effects on the digestive system. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mint and chillies are just a few examples.

You’ll find even more in the recipes themselves. Whether you need to gain or lose weight, Shakes and Smoothies can help, as each glassful provides a super-abundance of nutrients. What’s more, this section includes recipes suitable for all ages – from toddlers to pensioners. Of course, the idea of Shakes and Smoothies is nothing new. As devotees of Indian food know, drinks made from yoghurt are a favourite throughout India. They’re ideal partners for hot, spicy food since capsaicin, the substance that makes chillies hot, dissolves in fat – not water. These recipes, however, are different from the typical Indian restaurant offerings, since the ingredients they contain are designed – as is everything in this site – specifically with good health in mind.

‘Monkey business’

This might sound like a kid’s party treat – most children will love it – but it’s also a real energy-boosting and nutritious Smoothie. Instantly available calories from the fruit sugar in the apples are mixed with the slower-release calories in the bananas to make this a suitable drink to take before sustained physical activity. As any athlete will tell you, bananas prevent cramp. Make sure you select one of the ‘healthy’ peanut butters, without added salt. To make it, juice the apples, then blend with the bananas and peanut butter.

Apples 6, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

bananas 2, peeled

peanut butter 1 tablespoon smooth

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C and potassium, contains vitamin A.

Apples provide large quantities of the soluble fibre pectin, which, together with the ulcer-fighting benefits of bananas, make this juice suitable for all digestive problems. The high content of ellagic acid from apples provides valuable cancer protection, and peanut butter supplies valuable protein, as well as iron, magnesium, vitamin E and folic acid.

‘Jungle jive’

A good start to any day is with the wide-awake flavours of mango and passion-fruit. Drink this for breakfast followed by a bowl of wholegrain cereal or some wholemeal toast and honey, and you won’t be craving sticky buns by the middle of the morning. To make it, first juice the mango and passion-fruit, then blend with the milk and yoghurt.

Passion-fruit 2, flesh scooped out into juicer, with seeds

mango 1, peeled and stoned

frozen yoghurt 5 oz live, low fat

skimmed milk 10 oz

Vital statistics:

super-rich in calcium, potassium and flavonoids. Contains vitamins A and C. These tropical fruits are laden with protective antioxidants.

Their high enzyme content is good for digestion; passion-fruit in particular is helpful in the relief of gout and arthritis. When combined with almost a day’s requirement of calcium, mango and passion-fruit make this a fabulous morning mixture.

‘Lime-e shake’

A bonanza for blood and bones. Here’s another shake with virtually a whole day’s calcium needs, as well as the vitamin C you’d expect from citrus fruits. The bonus, however, comes from the wheat germ which simply oozes with B vitamins and vitamin E. Low in calories, high in antioxidants, Lime-E Shake should be the choice for anyone recovering from illness, or under excessive stress. To make it, first juice the oranges and lime, leaving as much pith on as possible, and then blend with the other ingredients.

Oranges 2, peeled, leaving pith behind

lime 1, peeled (unless key lime)

banana 1, peeled

skimmed milk 10 oz

yoghurt 5 oz live, low-fat

Wheat germ 2 heaped tablespoons

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, rich in B vitamins and vitamin E. contains bioflavonoids, iron, magnesium. Abundant amounts of vitamin C are essential for healing and low intakes of this nutrient are known to delay wound-healing after surgery. If you’ve just had an operation, this shake will assist you on the road to a speedy recovery and protect you against infection into the bargain.


Just the aroma of mango, pineapple, lime and ginger is a transport to paradise.

Drinking these juices is a passport to good health and vitality. Whipped into a cooling, frothy shake with live yoghurt, this combination is invigorating, restoring and protective. It’s wonderful for children (though some prefer it without the ginger) and perfect in the early stages of pregnancy, as ginger helps prevent morning sickness. To make it, first juice the mango, pineapple, ginger and lime, then blend with the yoghurt and a handful of ice-cubes.

Lime 1, peeled (unless key lime)

mango 1, peeled and stoned

pineapple 1, top removed

yoghurt 5 oz live, low-fat

ginger 1 oz fresh root

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A. C and bioflavonoids. Rich in calcium.

Contains some B Vitamins, phosphorus, copper, iron and magnesium. The healing enzyme bromelain in the pineapple, the vitamin A in the mango and vitamin C with bioflavonoids in the lime make this one of the most comprehensive protectors around. Add the beneficial bacteria in yoghurt, and you’ll see why Paradiso is one of the healthiest Smoothies you can drink.

‘Spiced silk’

The historic use of both sesame and cumin goes back to ancient Egypt and China. Cumin is referred to in the Old Testament, and sesame seeds were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Both these seeds help improve the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers, and they are also digestive aids. When combined with the friendly bacteria in yoghurt, this is a powerfully effective shake. To make it, simply blend the yoghurt, tahini and cumin with a handful of ice-cubes, and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

Yoghurt 10 oz live, low-fat

tahini 1 tablespoon

sesame seeds 1 teaspoon

Cumin Seeds ½ teaspoon crushed

Vital statistics:

Rich in the B vitamin niacin, folic acid, calcium, zinc and vitamin E. Contains protein, and other B Vitamins. Cumin seeds contain volatile oils, especially pinene and terpene, and it’s these that have a direct action on the muscles of the gut. Sesame seeds are an excellent source of the health-giving linoleic acids, as well as containing lots of protein, calcium and other nutrients.

‘Spice island special’

You can almost imagine the sound of breakers on the coral reef when you smell the mixture of coconut, cinnamon and cloves. The addition of a shot of Jamaican rum is entirely optional, but totally delicious. This drink is of special value to women – though, of course, men can enjoy it, too. It’s the amazing benefits of soya which protect against breast cancer that contribute to its value. To make it, blend all the ingredients with a handful of ice-cubes.

Soya milk 10 oz

coconut milk 5oz

frozen yoghurt 5 oz live, low-fat

ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon

ground Cloves ¼ teaspoon

Vital statistics:

Contains protein, calcium, iron, some B vitamins.

This shake is not included for normal nutritional reasons, although the small amounts of iron are better absorbed than that from most non-meat sources. The yoghurt provides a good source of calcium, while the cinnamon, cloves and beneficial bacteria are all digestive aids. It’s really for the enormous cancer-fighting beneits present in all soya products that Spice island Special should be drunk on a regular basis.

‘The guardian’

No vampire is going to sink their fangs into your neck after this garlic-laden tipple! But of course, garlic is powerfully antiseptic and wards off bugs as well as vampires. Mixed here with the heart-protective tomatoes and immune-boosting carrots, this Smoothie is the best excuse ever for a circulation-improving tipple. Enjoy it with a friend and a clear conscience. To make it, first juice the vegetables, then blend with crushed ice and vodka, and add the lemon chunks.

Tomatoes 6 medium

Carrots 2, unpeeled; unless organic, remove top and bottom

Celery 2 sticks, with leaves

garlic 2 cloves, peeled

Ice crushed

vodka 2 shots

lemon 1, with peel, cut in small chunks

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamins A, C, folic acid, potassium. Contains some Calcium, Phosphorus and magnesium.

The Guardian is another powerful immune stimulator, not only due to its high content of vitamins A and C, but also to the coumarins in celery. These natural chemicals enhance the activity of white cells, an essential part of the body’s natural defences. The heart-protecting lycopene from tomatoes combines with the all-round heart and circulatory protection gained from garlic.

‘Agen provocateur’

The best prunes in the world come from the small French town of Agen, where they’ve been grown for more than 800 years. Pruneaux d’Agen on the package means the same as appellation controlee on a bottle of fine wine. Prunes are famed for their gentle laxative action, but because of their high potassium content, they’re good for high blood pressure, too. To make this Smoothie, first juice the apples and pears and puree the prunes in the blender, then add the juice, lecithin and molasses and blend together.

Prunes 6, soaked and stoned

apples 4, unpeeled, uncored and quartered

Pears 4, unpeeled

lecithin granules 1 dessertspoon

molasses 1 dessertspoon

‘Green dream’

If you’re feeling a bit jaded, lacking in energy, and your skin’s beginning to look tired, dry and wrinkly, serve up this Smoothie at least a couple of times a week. It lifts the spirits, thanks to the mood-enhancing effect of nutmeg, and the avocado works wonders on the skin without the surgeon’s scalpel. To make Green Dream, put all the ingredients in the blender with a handful of ice-cubes.

avocado 1 large, peeled and stoned

kelp powder 1 dessertspoon

nutmeg generous grind

skimmed milk 10 oz

yoghurt 5 oz live, low-fat

Vital statistics:

super-rich in calcium, vitamins E and B. Rich in folic add and iodine. Contains protein and some Vitamin D. Iodine is essential for the normal function of the thyroid gland, and few of the patients I see have a sufficient amount of this essential mineral in their diets. Deficiency can lead to chronic fatigue. It’s not just the vitamin E in avocados that’s good for the skin; they also contain natural chemicals that stimulate the production of collagen, which smoothes out the wrinkles and gives young skin its wonderful bloom.

‘Mock mint choc’

You don’t have to wait till after eight to enjoy the delicious chocolate-mint flavour of this soya milkshake. You get all the nutritional benefits of carob without the fat and sugar content of chocolate. Masses of protein for long-term staying power, a quick energy boost from the honey and milk sugar in the yoghurt, together with the digestive benefits of mint make this an all-round winner. To create it, put the Brazil nuts in the blender first; when they’re finely ground, add the other ingredients.

Mint 6 leaves

Brazil nuts 5, shelled

Soya milk 10 oz

Yoghurt 5 oz live, low-fat

Honey 1 dessertspoon

Carob powder 2 dessertspoons

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in calcium and selenium. Rich in protein and potassium, contains iron.

As well as the amazing protection against breast cancer gained from soya milk, the Brazil nuts provide a whole day’s needs of the trace mineral selenium. This much-ignored vital mineral is essential for normal functioning of the heart and for protection against prostate cancer. The average daily consumption in the UK is less than half the required amount.


The world appears to be full of people trying to lose weight, but for the permanently skinny, life can be equally miserable. They won’t go to the gym, the swimming pool or on beach holidays, and usually try stuffing themselves on unhealthy high-fat foods when what they really need is lots of small meals a day, including plenty of high-calorie, low-bulk foods like the ingredients in this super Shake. When I offered a weight-gain recipe in a national newspaper, we had 15,000 requests! To make the Body-builder, first puree the dates in the blender, then add all the other ingredients. Drink half in the morning, keep the rest in the fridge till evening.

Dates 4 fresh, stoned

Banana 1, peeled

Molasses 1 dessertspoon

Honey 1 dessertspoon

Tahini 1 dessertspoon

wheat germ 1 dessertspoon

brewer’s yeast 1 dessertspoon

whole milk 15oz

yoghurt 5oz live, full-fat

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in healthy calories, calcium and potassium.

Contains iron, Vitamin E and some B Vitamins. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are a terrific source of calories with very little bulk. If you’re underweight, it’s extremely difficult to eat enough starchy foods to provide the surplus calories required. This Shake tastes great, and its added bonus comes from the dates, believed throughout the Middle East to have aphrodisiac properties. You’ve been warned!

‘Skinny dip’

If you need to lose weight, the one thing that doesn’t work is going without food, feeling hungry and trying to stick to a very low-calorie diet. Reduce the amount of fat you consume and increase your physical activity: eat two slices of bread and butter a day less and walk 15 minutes a day more and you’ll lose a pound a week.

This Smoothie is filling, sustaining, nourishing, tasty and low in calories. To make it, simply juice the vegetables, then blend with other ingredients.

Tomatoes 6 medium

Celery 2 sticks, with leaves

parsley 1 handful, with stems

yoghurt 5 oz live, very low-fat

Cottage Cheese 4 oz very low-fat

brewer’s yeast 2 teaspoons

Worcestershire sauce to taste

Vital statistics:

Super-rich in Vitamin C and carotenoids. Rich in calcium. Contains B vitamins, potassium and protein, use Skinny Dip to replace one meal a day. The recipe will make a thick, creamy shake, but by adding more cottage cheese and less milk, you can make it thick enough to use as a dip. Eat it with a selection of crudites, such as celery, carrot, fennel, broccoli, cauliflower and peppers.

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