Slimming Drink Recipe Rosemaryade


Lemons are one of the traditional ingredients of fasting and detoxing regimes. Their juice is cleansing and mildly diuretic, and this unusual recipe for lemonade produces four large glasses of deliciously cleansing juice. It is infinitely healthier than any slimming drink you could buy and, thanks to the rosemary, it helps boost your mood and improves the memory as a bonus.

If you haven’t got a rosemary bush in your garden, now’s the time to get one, even if it’s just in a pot on your doorstep where it will grow very happily all year round.




Serves 1-2

3 lemons

1 tbsp brown sugar

3 sprigs rosemary

400ml or 14fl oz ordinary tap water

850ml or 30fl oz sparkling mineral water


1. Wash the lemons. Grate the rind off and put it into a saucepan with the sugar, rosemary, and tap water.

2. Bring slowly to the boil, simmer for ten minutes, and cool slightly.

3. Add the juice of the lemons.

4. Leave until cold.

5. Strain and add mineral water before serving.


Vital statistics

Most of the vitamin C from the lemons is preserved in this drink, as the juice is added after boiling. It also supplies bioflavonoids from the peel as well as the intriguing flavour of rosemary mingled with the tangy taste of the lemons. Drinking plenty of fluids is extremely important when you’re slimming, and here’s one way to make sure that you get enough every single day. Rosemary contains volatile oils and flavonoids that have a direct and beneficial effect on the brain.

20. April 2011 by Sue
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