Sprouted Seeds and Beans, Herbs and Wheatgrass for Juicing

Although sprouted seeds and beans, wheatgrass and herbs are not covered in detail in this nutrition section, do experiment with them since they are a terrific source of nutrients.

Sprouted seeds and beans are easy to grow, and guaranteed organic if you do it yourself! It’s also fun watching the little seeds or beans burst into life in a matter of days. There is a variety of seeds or beans you could try, like alfalfa, adzuki, sesame, mung and chickpea.

Herbs are also a most valuable addition to juicing. Parsley, for example, is a rich source of vitamin C and iron, and nettles and dandelions are wonderful cleansers and diuretics.

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juic...

Extracting wheatgrass juice with a manual juicing machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Growing your own wheatgrass is a bit more of an undertaking than herbs and sprouted seeds and beans but nevertheless is worth every effort. Wheatgrass is a wonderful source of life-giving enzymes, chlorophyll and other essential nutrients, and many naturopaths advocate it in cancer treatment.

If you do wish to branch out beyond fruit and vegetable : juices there are plenty of good books on sprouted seeds and beans, herbs and wheatgrass to help you along. You may also want to get one of the juicers more suited to extracting juice from tough fibrous material, such as the Health Fountain Juicer.


Some fruit and vegetables fall into the unjuiceable category mainly because it is hard to extract the juice from the pulp, like avocados and bananas. Rhubarb is best left alone because it contains a high amount of oxalic acid.

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