The Benefits of Honey

Tell ’em about the HONEY!.. 

For centuries this sweet, soft and sticky delight has been prized for its health benefits

The health benefits of honey have long been realized to treat a variety of ailments. Honey contains powerful antioxidants with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Though scientific arguments have been made for use of honey in modem times, its use is still a conventional practice under the practice of “alternate medicine”. In modern times, its therapeutic uses have been researched and used in many hospitals.


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Honey contains invert sugar that has the quality of providing instant energy when consumed. It is also a heart stimulant and a useful food supplement. It has been known to cure some allergies, particularly localized honey to an area, could help minimize seasonal allergies as bees feed on pollen from local plants which eventually finds its way to form honey.

Its use for centuries is as a treatment for sore throats and coughs, and according to recent research, may in fact be as effective as many common cough medicines, potentially killing harmful bacteria in your mouth and throat, preventing them from spreading through your body.

Did you know that the queen bee lives 40 times longer than her poor little drone – so we really should get stuck in!


A little honey adds body and richness to any number of juices and smoothies and is good for you too.

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