The Red-Eye Special Juice: Detox Juice Recipe

Taken the overnight plane? Been burning the midnight oil? Had a night on the tiles? Whatever the reason, the next day can be hell – but it needn’t be. While the Red-eye Special won’t work miracles, it comes pretty close.

The ingredients in this Superjuice were popular with ancient Greeks and Romans, who knew that the natural oils in parsley and mint soothe the stomach and calm jangley nerves. With clear eyes, no headache and no puffiness or gritty skin, you’ll get through the day in better shape than you ever imagined possible.

mint 6 leaves, with sprigs

Spinach 6 leaves

melon 1 medium, yellow-fleshed, peeled and deseeded

parsley 1 handful, with stems


Vital statistics:

Super-rich in potassium and Vitamin A. The Red-eye Special is a detoxifying juice, thanks to the parsley in its recipe. Both parsley and mint have a healing effect on the entire digestive system and are calming to the central nervous system. Melon juice also overflows with healing beta-carotenes and is exceptionally curative and Cooling. Two or three glasses of this juice will see you through until bedtime – where sleep will add the finishing touches.

07. August 2013 by Sue
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