Uncovering Real Health With Raw And Living Foods – Healthy Eating Starts Here

Did you know that you could eat a new vegetable and fruit everyday for the rest of your life and never eat the same one! The earth grows all the things we need to be healthy, happy and satisfied. There is a cure for every ailment, disease and problem that one could have right here on mother earth.

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Raw foods, also known as living foods, are full of nutrients and enzymes that the body needs to be healthy and radiant. Foods that have been cooked are low in nutrients due to the high heat and are denatured. Also, when foods are cooked they loose their valuable enzymes that the body needs to properly digest and assimilate the nutrients into one’s system.

In our busy world today, meals often need to be quick, filling and reasonably priced to accommodate our schedules. As a result, many people often eat either processed and/or fast foods and are not getting the nutrients that they really need to be healthy and to be satiated for longer periods of time, causing people to eat more calories than needed. In trying to simplify our lives we have actually made things harder because many of us are not getting proper nutrition and are causing more problems long term.

Eating food that is cheap and quick may serve you that day but long term it can create more physical and financial stress. Eating food that is denatured, cooked with bad oils and as a result are low in nutrients are hard on the body and digestive system. People who are more chronically fatigued tend to have weaker digestive systems from all the junk the body has had to process. Eating foods from the plant-based variety that are high in nutrients and digestive enzymes can slowly start to heal the body, bringing more beauty, energy and vitality.

Deciding to switch to an all raw diet over night is not realistic or practical if it is going to be sustained long-term. Making small steps and changes in your diet will be most beneficial and eventually you might crave and only want to eat healthy food. For instance, raw desserts are highly nutritious and delicious and they are some of the best things I have ever tasted! Here are some important tools to help make healthy changes for a better life:

First of all, try to eat as much organic and local fruit and vegetables as possible. Foods that are not organic are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, which we end up having to process through our liver. Also, fruits and vegetables that are not local have to travel far and as result they are not as fresh and at as high of a vibration than they could be. Our bodies are fragile temples; we need to take care of them and keep them clean!

Secondly, try to replace any frozen fruits or vegetables you might have and stick to fresh produce. Try to eat lots of greens, eating greens is like putting new blood into your body, so good for you! Greens are alkalizing to the body and when the body is in an alkaline state nothing bad exist in it. Try making salads, mixing it up with kale, arugula, spinach and lettuce.

It is crucial that we all get enough good fats, in contrast to the fast food, French fry fats. Coconut oil is an extraordinary substance that offers many health and healing benefits. Taking up to three tablespoons of raw coconut oil a day in a drink or smoothie a day can help to regulate the metabolism, lubricate the joints, help with blood sugar levels and overall make your complexion more radiant. You want to begin introducing the coconut oil slowly into your body, for instance start with one-half tablespoon a day and gradually make your way to three tablespoons per day. Avocado and olive oil are good fats.

Lastly, for the foods that you are still cooking it is important that you should use only coconut or olive oil. Most oils, except coconut and olive oil, when heated become carcinogenic and denatured, hurting the food and your body. Making shifts in your diet and the way you prepare your food can make a radical difference in your health, appearance and overall attitude.

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by Yvonne Cunningham

06. September 2010 by Sue
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