Ways To Make Your Resilient Kid Like Fruit Juices


child drinking fruit juice

For some mothers, making their child drink juices is not a problem at all but for other mothers, their kids may be stubborn about the idea of eating healthy fruits and drinking juices. The reasons could be simply that they hate the color, taste or smell of juices. To help your kids start drinking juices, the following tips may come in handy.

* First, choose one fruit for your juice, prepare small consumable amounts only. You may choose mango or apple fruit to make your juice. Slice it in half and mix it with a whole glass of water. Moreover, Grapes or pears can also be an option, but grapes are sweeter, so add 2 glasses of water instead.

* Have a cup specially used for your kids’ juices. This would be a good way to make drinking juice special. It may not be appropriate to use bottles because it may only prolong the sucking of your kid and it can be harmful to your child’s teeth.

* Talk with your child about the goodness of eating fruits and vegetables. Make a couple of sliced fruits and vegetables treat for their snacks. You can choose from bananas, melons, mangoes, grapes, apples and pineapples. Your vegetable treat may be of carrots, cucumber and lettuce. Make your preparation eye catching to make them interested.

* Some kids may be hard headed – when this happens to your child you could ask for help from their school teacher, sometimes children listen to their teacher more than they do their moms.

* Don’t make comments when giving your kids their fruit juices. It will only make your children more cautious about drinking juices. Give it like it’s an ordinary beverage for them.

* After you have offered them the juice and they still don’t like to drink it, don’t get mad, it will only make things worse. After some time, offer the fruit juice again until they drink it, be patient. Sooner or later they will eventually drink it. And don’t forget to congratulate them for drinking the fruit juice – kids love to be praised.

* Be a good example. Consume juices yourself on a regular basis, so then your kids can see you also love juices and they can be motivated to do the same.

* Do juicing together with your child. Make it a fun activity for them. When shopping for fruits, let your child pick the fruits they like. Likewise, in washing the fruit and in the preparation of juice. Let your child choose the juice they prefer to drink – your child will likely drink the juice because they helped you to make it.

* Ice popsicles made from of fruit juice are also a good option to make your kid drink juice.

Applying some of the helpful steps above may start your kid eating fruits and drinking fresh fruit juicess. You may also do this to the entire members of the family to help encourage your little one. Be patient with the steps and you will eventually see great results.


25. September 2010 by Emma Deangela
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