Yummy Kiwi Hangover Cure Recipe

Yummy Kiwi

Kiwi fruit is a great source of vitamin C and other nutrients.

Although real dairy ice-cream contains some fat, it’s also good for your bones and very cooling. Whizzed together, this mixture turns a delicate shade of green, has the consistency of single cream, and offers the most delicious taste.

It’s another treat suitable for adults and children, and is perfect taken to a picnic in a thermos.



kiwi Serves 1-2

2 fresh kiwi fruits, peeled and quartered

125ml or 4fl oz semi-skimmed milk

1 large scoop vanilla ice-cream, preferably organic


1. Peel and quarter the kiwi fruits.

2. Put all the ingredients into a blender or food processor and whizz until smooth.


Vital statistics

Weight for weight, a kiwi fruit contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange and is also a good source of betacarotene and other carotenoids. It is exceptionally high in potassium, which is important for a healthy heart, and contains no fat and virtually no salt – so it’s even more beneficial to the heart and circulation. Using semi-skimmed milk reduces the overall fat content, in spite of the ice-cream.

Excellent too as a hangover cure.


22. April 2011 by Sue
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